Racist Assault at a Cheektowaga Dollar General (Update)

Do you know this woman? 

She’s got some interesting views on race. Put another way, this is on the front page of Reddit as of Wednesday morning. 

My favorite part is when she’s on the phone (depicted above) with, ostensibly, her husband and rhetorically asks, (around 2:30) “oh, he knows the cops? How many cops have I stripped for? “

This woman is not only allowed to walk the streets of Cheektowaga, she’s got two kids in front of whom she’s yelling “ni**er” at a Black man whose only offense was to start his car when her boy was nearby, apparently startling him. 

Maybe we can set aside the facile Buffalo exceptionalism for a moment and revisit the idea that our people are no better or worse, necessarily, than those anywhere else in the United States. Perhaps instead of “everything is awesome”, we can use incidents such as these to identify and treat a racist cancer plaguing a place that has acute resentments borne out of ignorance and economic hardship. 

This woman is a symptom of a much larger problem that our #Buffalove tends too often to brush aside. 

UPDATE: She called in to WBLK to defend herself. We learn: 

1. Her name is “Janelle Ambrosia”; 

2. She’s having a very bad day; 

3. The man who took the video “almost hit” her kid with his car, but did not hit anyone with anything; 

4. The man who took the video allegedly called her a “crackhead cracker”; 

5. She thinks that someone shouldn’t be able to post videos – “ex-specially” of her kids – on YouTube; and

6. She is unapologetic – “what am I supposed to do? Apologize?” 



  • Can’t say I know her, but I swear I work with about 50 of her.

  • BlackRockLifer

    Alan, This is nothing new, racism might be less in your face than years ago but it is still a strong undercurrent here in WNY. Cheektowaga was built on white flight as was much of suburbia, no surprise this would take place there. As much as this woman is offensive she is honest in her hate and racism, I think the bigger problem is the kinder, gentler, more covert racism that defines much of the area. These are the people that don’t use the “n” word yet would never consider living in the city or exposing their children to real diversity.. Many are of course conservative in nature but other are liberal yet fail to live up to the values they claim to believe in.

    • Well said

    • This isn’t unique to Cheektowaga, nor is Buffalo itself immune. It’s also not JUST white flight.

      This is a complicated equation that factors in a perpetual state of arrested development – 50s nostalgia and thinking, white flight, economic hardship, resentment, segregation, and rank ignorance.

      • Didn’t claim it was just white flight but I witnessed first hand the migration out of the city, especially after court ordered desegregation. I attended Buffalo Public Schools during the height of the racial upheaval and remember well the conversations around race at that time. My High School was occuppied by the National Guard in 1972 after the violence that took place there. I also had to testify in court against one of the attackers that assaulted my teacher and fellow students. My father bucked the trend and refused to accept any racist nonsense but he was by far in the minority at that time. The most racist types moved out of the city and to think their attitudes were not passed along to their children and reflected in their community is naive. My uncle moved to Amherst “so his kids wouldn’t have to go to school with ni**ers”. Many whites fled to Amherst, Kenmore, Tonawanda, etc only because of integration. That legacy continues to influence attitudes to this day.
        No argument with your 2nd paragraph.

      • She appears to be a real beaut. Odd though how the offended seems to have audio and video but we see nothing of his actions leading up to the confrontation.
        The real story here is why Alan would make the choice to highlight such an incident. With the bully pulpit he has with Artvoice it seems Mr. Bedenko is one of the Greater Buffalo area’s biggest Buffalo area haters. We are treated repeatedly to his offense at anything 50’s or nostalgic. He appears to have never seen the rehab/restoration project he didn’t hate. He writes about “cranes in the sky” like growth and progress are a bad thing. Supports a new stylish food court/market concept that his friends are involved with yet ask for donations to build the thing. Generally attacks all things Buffalo as racist, backwards, “arrested development” resentment, segregation, lack of intelligence and trendy new concepts. Carefully avoids all that in lily white Clarence.
        Wonder why all the hate and constant degradation.
        Oh…Alan isn’t going to like this post.

        • “Odd though how the offended seems to have audio and video but we see nothing of his actions leading up to the confrontation.”

          Perhaps because the act of starting your car is so routine, so mundane that no one thinks to save the video for posterity? Perhaps he didn’t start taping because nothing worth recording happened until this little juice glass of sunshine started flipping her shit like it was her job?

          Maybe dude did do something to provoke her and maybe he didn’t. We’ll likely never know, unless, of course, Dollar General chooses to release the security footage that should show if he did or didn’t “almost hit” her kids.

          Even if he did “almost hit” her kids, move on. Point out to the guy “Hey, you almost hit my kid.” Either he’ll apologize (cool-problem solved) or he’ll act like an asshole (not cool, walk away-problem solved) and get on with your life.

          • Let’s also be honest: I can’t think of anyone I know, myself included, who would be offended at being called a “cracker” or “whitey” or “honkey”. I think I’d probably laugh if someone called me that. Maybe the reason is because there’s no baggage that comes with those terms.

        • What about the cooking pizza on your outdoor grill piece Alan did last summer…..no hate/degradation there……

        • What sort of behavior do you think justifies having a woman scream “nigger” at you repeatedly?

          As for why I highlighted the incident, it was on the front page of Reddit today.

          • Not condoning the behavior Alan, just questioning why the selection of this particular piece. You can find lots of this sort of thing, black and white all over the internet. Besides, as you say, Reddit already covered it…that making your piece here oh so overtly easy, kind of like buying a tabloid in a supermarket check out line, eh?
            I always hope for better when I click on to Artvoice. Something that takes some thought. Perhaps some legwork, Perhaps more than a quick moment of your time.
            Behavior? Without even an attempt at contact, an interview or any substantial effort what-so-ever I have no idea what might justify this. Do you?

          • The selection of this particular piece has to do with the fact that it was posted to the internet just hours ago, and was propelled to the Reddit front page this morning when I checked it. I posted it here because it was especially, profoundly ugly in nature and tone, and because the woman clearly was not at all shy about having her hateful words recorded, or putting this man in fear of imminent battery. She should be arrested.

            The reason why I posted it here has to do with its sensational nature, its local sourcing, its opportunity to hold such behavior up to mockery, scorn, and derision.

            I don’t need to interview this woman because the video speaks for itself.

          • It is a hateful thing Alan. Sometimes other hateful things by other people bring this out in people. When I worked in Corrections we called a look we often received by particular inmates the “racial, I hate your guts just for being white hard stare”. We’ll never know in this case will we?
            Would you have been as quick if the story took place in Clarence? With a population 93.0% white, 3.2% Hispanic and 2.1% Asian is this likely to happen in Clarence? Does the kind of racial flight and lack of diversity give one from Clarence more or less authenticism when it comes to condemning racism?
            If this had been a black woman doing the dirty in this video would it have still been as worthy of your attention?
            Is lifting this sort of thing from an internet tabloid the highest and most noble course available to you in order to influence not where we have been or where we are but where we would like to head?

          • What the actual fuck are you talking about? What does Clarence have to do with anything?

            Also, Reddit isn’t an “internet tabloid”.

          • There are terms sometimes applied to journalism, for good or evil. One term that comes to mind here is “balanced”. Generally considered a good thing it does not apply and can not apply to the act of publishing (or republishing) some sensationalistic video showing only what one party chose to show while lifting not a finger to get the other side…or even caring what the rest of the story may be. Other news sources in the area chose to do a little leg work. You did not.
            Another term is “sensationalism”. Not considered usually to be a good thing. Passing along this video is no different in practice than say…a Tea Party type video showing a black woman driving a Caddy while shopping with food stamps, then paying cash for the beer, ciggs and Lil Debbie treats. Sure, that stuff happens but choosing that as a papers lead piece sort of stereotypes people unfairly and for illegitimate purpose.
            There is another one: “Stereotype”. Doing that is right or wrong. It matters little if the stereotyping supports one worldview or another. If Reagan’s “Welfare Queen” is stereotyping…so is this.
            Reaction is another thing journalists try for. Take a look at the reaction generated by this thing in the comments and also in the comments in TBN.
            Clarence? There is a term I learned from some black friends some time ago. “Full and White”. It’s derogatory and aimed at middle and upper class white liberals, specifically those who profess a great liberal hatred of racism and prejudice…all from the comfy confines of their nice little homes in their trendy little suburbs, places like Clarence where they safely keep out minorities and the poor so they can commiserate with them while not having to deal with them, see them or allow their children to be schooled with them.
            Clarence: White @ 93%, Hispanic @ 3.2%, Oriental at 2.1%, African-American? Somewhere less than that 2.1%
            What the actual fuck I’m talking about Alan is you possibly being perceived as “full and white” along with you lifting this from another source without any substantial personal effort or time. Taking the easy, lazy, unbalanced, sensational, stereotyping rout because it just seemed like a cool thing to put in Artvoice today.
            Sometimes I find better stuff here. I was hoping to find better stuff today. And Reddit looks an awful lot like a tabloid to me.

          • How do I keep out “minorities and the poor”?

          • I doubt you do, personally but there are various ways from the unspoken resolve not to sell to minorities or most commonly simply pricing them out, concentrating poverty in the inner cities and wealth in more exclusive digs. Your not naive, you know how it’s done.
            The figures for Clarence are recent and that is the choice you made. When you choose not to walk the walk the talk is not so impressive. That’s the definition of “full and white”.
            The “full and white” guy screams foul if someone uses the “N” word but assures he ( and his family) don’t live near them or send their kids to school with them. So much easier being a shirt-sleeve anti-racist when you don’t have to deal with all the fine points of diverse society and racial reality.
            I suspect if this same video was of a black person Muther frickin’ a white it would have gone quite unnoticed by Artvoice and Alan Bedenko. That is a shame. It’s…well…full and white.

          • True story. Several years ago my son (19 at the time) left the house to walk to a backyard bonfire at a co-workers place on the East side. It was dark and I warned him that would not be a good idea walking the residential street. He said I was just prejudiced.
            About half an hour later my phone rang. My son was crying. He had been gang attacked by five black youths. He had his cell phone and all his possessions. They didn’t rob him. They jumped him and beat him badly just for being white in their turf.
            Someone called 911. When I got to the scene the Buffalo Fire Department was there. One fireman had gotten out of the truck, shined a flashlight in his face and went back to the truck. That same fireman got out again when I arrived, came to my car and said “He’s hurt bad. He has to go to a hospital. He then returmed to the truck after telling me the Buffalo police would want to question him.
            I put him in my car and took him to the hospital where I called and reported our location to the Buffalo police. I never heard back from them at all. Even later when I wrote the chief I got no reply.
            After $23,000 dollars of medical bills and some time my some recovered…but with some permanent damage. I wrote a letter to the Editor of the Buffalo News but got no response. Later I called and talked to the desk at TBN. No interest whatsoever in reporting this.
            Now, after experiencing this sort of thing I get quite sensitive to these kinds of selfie videos being reported by full and white newsmen without even so much as asking what black person might have done to precipitate this.
            You claimed you didn’t need to interview. You had just what you wanted and there you go. So don’t ask why all those T-Party types and white trailer trash vote the way they do and have the attitudes they do…when this sort of coverage and these kinds of incidents…and the way the press chooses to portray them give them such cause.

          • So, it’s bad for white people to be outraged by anti-black animus, if the white person happens to live in a rural exurb. Got it.

          • This is the most shocking and horrifying part of this story, finding out that Alan is a redditor 🙁

          • It’s also on Raw Story right now.

    • Racism is still “in the face” of every person of color in this country, including this poor man. It’s a daily slap in face, an assault on your dignity, a reminder that your worth and value as a human being can still be questioned by filth like this charming lady in the video. As someone once said, we have to accept the fact that there are Archie Bunkers in living rooms on every block, but we don’t have to accept racist assaults in public. The subtle racism you mentioned is a problem, but it is no bigger than the ugliness on display here

      • It brings to mind a poster my cousin had hanging in his basement back in the early 70’s with Archie holding his half burnt cigar in his hand and the caption stating….”There’s a little of me in all of yous”………

        • Best scene from All In The Family, in my opinion:

          Gloria: Daddy, do you know how many people have been killed by handguns?
          Archie: Would it make you feel any better, little girl, if they was thrown out of windows?

      • My point was more to the much larger number of covert racists, the types that smile in your face yet in private act and speak in a much different manner. They wont call you the “n” word yet still don’t want you as a neighbor or fellow classmate of their children. They wring their hands and feign concern for minorities yet do nothing to improve the situation and fail to recognize their own complicity in the problem. I think this is a bigger problem just because there are so many more of these types and they reinforce and enable the worst racists.

  • Kathy Weppner voter spotted

  • I like the comment she makes about having “her lawyer” involved. A person who shops at “Dollar General” is going to spend $300 Hr to involve a lawyer to settle a dispute regarding her obvious bigotry…and the comment about stripping for cops is absolutely priceless…….

  • Ridgewaycynic2013

    Well, I guess we now know the entertainment at the 2014 WNY KKK men’s stag and poker party…

  • She has a Linkedin profile, and her address phone #, etc is found with Google. Something tells me she is going to have a couple of busy days

  • The TP wingnuts (read: WBEN core audience) must be relieved. We’ve finally found the ONE person who hates Obama because of race, not policy. Well it’s about time.

    • piles of racist crap way back in the twitter feed-sounds like this wasn’t an over the top reaction but rather business as usual.

    • Wow, lol, on twitter she’s really doubling down on her comments.

  • So glad people have nothing better to do than to drag themselves AND others through the trash. Anyone who thinks stalking others is a good idea is very demented.

  • She’s on the front page of the Buffalo News now. I wonder if she realized how famous she was going to become when she went off like that……?

  • Victor McDaniels

    I love how referring to it as “Cheektovegas” got my otherwise mundane comment deleted. FFS, people from there even call it that!

    Gotta love the 716 mentality… anything short of worship about Buffalo and the things in Buffalo by people who arent from Buffalo, and you’ll incur the wrath. “Don’t badmouth the things we complain about incessantly…”

    Heck, I’ll go all out on this: It was a lateral pass, and Hull’s skate was not in the crease.

  • Ridgewaycynic2013

    Do you think she’ll get her own show on A & E? TLC? Bravo?

  • All these comments and none speak to the first thing that came to my mind. How do you do this in front of your children? I would like to see child protective services involved here. Provoking and escalating a potentially dangerous situation with the kids in harms way is sick.

  • Snake Plissken

    Is that Sarah Palin in that video?

  • The responses to this video is hilarious. Racist speech is protected by the first amendment, sorry if that bothers you. Whatever you think of this woman, to think she should lose her job, her kids, maybe even her life, is way worse than anything she could have said. You want the police and the state to intervene when people think the wrong thoughts or say the wrong words? Holy shit, liberals really are fascists.

    • Lamont Cranston

      “Malthus wasn’t wrong about anything.”

      And that’s pretty much all anybody needs to know about you.

    • She can lose her job over this because she just created a hostel environment at work. So instead of losing a bunch of employees because they don’t want to work around crazy lady that can snap off the smallest thing and start saying racist shit again . It will be easier to just let her go.

    • It’s her right to use the n-word, but you wingnuts need to stop acting like racism against blacks is somehow gone.

      • When did I say racism was gone? I said racist speech is protected by the 1st amendment. I’m commenting on all the stuff people think should happen to someone for using words that they don’t like or find offensive. Like bringing down the wrath of the state. Its thought policing right out of 1984.

        • AGAIN, since you didn’t seem to get the point the first time I said it:

          THE GOVERNMENT cannot make laws against speech(even racist), unless there is a reason for doing so. Her employer, however, is NOT the government.

    • Uh, not quite, Robin.

      THE GOVERNMENT can’t make laws that restrict one’s speech unless there’s a good reason for doing so. Doesn’t mean her employer(presuming she still has a job)can’t turf her, as NY(like most states)is an at-will employment state.

      • There is a hell of a lot of people who want her kids taken away from her and want her arrested and charged with some type of crime for doing this. How is that not the government?

        • That’s called consequences. Just like Donald Sterling is finding out.

          • I notice you didn’t respond to what I wrote there and now are trying to change the subject.

          • I noticed that ever since you got in here, you’ve been trying-and FAILING-to stir up crap. Full of fail, you are.

            How come you haven’t called into We Blame Every…ahem…yet to take her side? You’re doing a good job of doing it here.

          • I’m not taking her side, I’m against YOU!

          • News flash: I don’t give a damn if you’re against me or not.

          • Robin your as nutty and as big a loser as she is , why are you commenting every other person, nobody gives a shit what you think , your a fool .

          • Nobody gives a shit, but yet they keep replying. Get lost

        • In my opinion, she committed the crime of assault. She placed the man with the camera in imminent fear of offensive contact when she threatened to throw her coffee at him and he rolled up his window.

          • You’re a nut. So now using bad words and insulting someone is an “assault”? The coffee thing came much later into the argument. And if you want to start locking people up for saying these empty threat things when they are yelling at each other ..well have fun with that.

          • No, I’m not a nut. I’m a lawyer, and a screaming woman yelling “nigger” at a black man, threatening to throw hot coffee on him is “assault” if it places him in fear of imminent battery.

        • People want, the law/state will decide if a crime was actually committed. As AB pointed out, she did threaten to throw coffee on him, said someone was coming to “beat his ass” and that she was going to “fucking yank his ass out of the car”. Those are threats. This piece of work should be happy she isnt in Florida, he could have shot her dead right then and there.

          • Do you have any idea how often people say stuff like ‘Im gonna kick your ass’ or ‘Im gonna kill you’? Have you ever interacted with a human before?

          • No, I suppose I don’t. Twice? Three times once every Aztec Lunar Month? Or, are we on Metric time since you like to split hairs to prop up your delusional arguments in support of a piece of dog excrement like this woman.

          • Ridgewaycynic2013

            I can’t find the web page for the Aztec-Gregorian conversion…damn!

          • No, that’s for white people shooting at black people.

        • Have you ever heard of “charge of disorderly conduct?” The 1st Amendment does not permit you to yell racial slurs at people in public. The constant yelling of the slur and the threat to throw coffee on the cameraman seem like a pretty clear case to me of using hate speech to intimidate and harass.
          And this video is not a good look for a mother trying to convince a judge that she should have custody of her children.

    • 1). If she loses her “job” at the titty bar it’ll be at the will of her employer, who will probably not want the publicity of this hag killing off client numbers.
      2). She’s obviously got some anger issues, self control issues and hate issues to deal with, not to mention the fact that she clearly lets her kids play unsupervised in a fecking parking lot while berating a total stranger. Sounds like A-list parenting to me.
      3). If she offs herself over this its her choice.

      Where is the state in that? Oh, right nowhere. Don’t worry though, I’m sure by tomorrow someone will have proof that the Dems , liberal media and Oh-bah-mah are at fault for this “Poor” woman being hassled

    • You’re correct. Racist speech is protected by the first amendment, but making threats and harassing him is not, in fact it’s against the law. Also, bashing racist people and people like you who condone racism is also protected by the first amendment. Freedom of speech goes both ways. We have the freedom of speech to put her in her place. Sorry if freedom of speech working in both ways bother you, don’t like it? Move from America.

      • Condone? No, I just see that racism isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. I also think its ridiculous that this is front page news and that people lose their jobs over this kind of incident.

        • She should lose her damn job for threatening and harassing him and hopefully charged. You can not threaten people whether you like it or not, and stop playing dumb by trying to lessen or diminish the issue. No said racism will go away, but people have the right to stand up for themselves. Get a clue.

          • Oh, well you might want to tell that to the people that have looked up all her personal information and are using it to harass her and her family.

          • Okay, but what does that have anything to do with I said? She knew she was being recorded and she knows she’s a cunt. I only feel for her children.

          • You are not supposed to use the c-word. Its sexist and illegal. As soon as I find out where you work Im going to tell your boss that are a sexist and you need to be fired. And if you have kids Im calling CPS, they deserve better than to be stuck in a home with you around

          • Fine. FYI I’m pretty sure men can be cunts. I never stated racism is illegal, nice try and cool red herring by the way. No I don’t have kids, but it’s hilarious how you are defending this woman and trying to dismiss the issue and pretend to ignore the main issue I previously stated. And that would be harassment and making threats is illegal, you keep trying to ignore and I didn’t state her kids should be taken away from her, troll.

            Is that too much for you to understand? I even acknowledge she has the freedom to say that, just like we have the freedom to bash racist. But she still does not under THE LAW is not allowed to harass and threaten someone’s life, idiot. Please do not breed.

          • JP Fitzpatrick

            Don’t worry about Robin. We brought the big C back years ago. Perfectly acceptable use of the word. Keep em coming!

          • this guy robin is a clown. please ignore him

          • You can try!

    • Jude I⚡caяiot

      She should not lose her kids. Not for this, anyway. For all of her DUIs, sure. She shouldn’t be in charge of children if she can’t manage to not drive drunk.

  • SHOCKER: I’m actually hearing WBEN listeners calling in to defend the white chick! LOL They’re questioning why we don’t see what happened before the videotaped part. Because wingnuts are suddenly very concerned about context. After all, “what does it matter?”. lol

    I guess whatever happened beforehand justifies her calling him the n-word—a dirty n-word, numerous times, several minutes into the video, even proclaiming that her husband *the cop) doesn’t like black people either..

    • JessicaAtreides

      Probably was her husband calling. Besides, I thought the wingnuts didn’t want CCTV or being videotaped by private citizens. Interference by the govt., blah, blah, blah.

  • This woman is so gross it is not even funny. There should be some intervention from some agency regarding her kids, what kind of a mother behaves like that. I see your point below in regards to the first ammendment but this is just horribly wrong. She was horrassing him in the first place. Look up her priors btw, several dui convictions…not exactly what i would call role model. Can’t believe that racism still exists in 2014, what an absolute jerk that woman is.

    • See?! hahaha

      • Yeah, the free access to public records and being able to see all the info she willingly posted on the internet is a bitch ain’t it? Gee, if we only lived in a country which immediately stepped in to block all access to certain information and rounded up those “malcontents” everything would be so much better right Robin?

  • Maybe the business could take some sort of legal action against her, they would have their own video, she was harrassing one of their customers….

  • I’m so glad that we don’t have any other pressing problems to talk about.

    • Ridgewaycynic2013

      I think Weppner put her up to it, just to direct attention away from Weppner.

    • The entire country should grind to complete halt when some nobody woman in Cheektowaga drops an n-bomb in a dollar store parking lot. I hope Obama addresses this incident soon

    • The Church of Bill Hicks, LDS.

      I’m so sorry we can’t deal with more than one issue at a time. Edited: Whoops, sorry, screwed up a joke here.

  • KenKaniffFromConnecticut


  • The comments going back and forth…..you guys aren’t any better than her. I don’t condone racism by any means but I am sick and tired of whites being called out, why is it that when blacks call whites vulgar names that that’s not considered racism. Because Blacks are the ones that keep the shit going. Charge her? Really? That’s a good use of tax dollars. How about donating to more needy causes than paying the court system to even involve themselves. Grow the fuck up people!

  • Combining this issue with another favorite around here….

    I wonder if Kathy Weppner is defending this chick? lol

  • What was she just standing by his car for? This whole incident is stupid.

  • Exactly HOW is that nasty, ugly, doughy broad a stripper??? She’s got to be at least 50.

  • I am sorry that the poor man had to experience such hatred and abuse. I see racism too, and to think that my parents came to this country to “be free” from this type of behaviour.

  • She’s also losing custody of her kids and has a black cousin (As if that stops her from being racist)

  • Dale Zuchlewski

    Where was Art Voice when we were trying to promote Hands Across Buffalo? We had 5,000 people linking hands along Ferry on May 17th CELEBRATING our diversity and not one word. One crazy racist lady ends up on You Tube and THAT is worthy of something in print. Art Voice should be ashamed to play a role in promoting a negative image of Buffalo. I’m thoroughly disgusted

  • Im white and I would be proud to have this man in my neighborhood , that wench deserves her miserable existence.

    • I would be glad to not have a simpleton like you in my neighborhood. You wish misery on mentally ill people. Why don’t you and your new friend go have a beer in his neighborhood and see how it works out for you.

  • I wonder if there was even anyone on the phone. Her “husband” still has not been identified from all that I have seen. I have searched everywhere and no news about who her husband on the other end of the phone line is. I’m beginning to think she was just pulling a pretend conversation. And the way she randomly rhetorically asked “oh he knows the cops? How many have I stripped for?” Supports my theory because there was never any mention on this end of cops and her husband would need to know the man in order to suggest he knows the cops.

  • Here’s another person who should be condemned on Youtube. His name is Joey Graceffa. Somehow this guy has over 3 million subcribers with awful content.

  • CarmenMonoxide Hall

    Wow. I’m sorry wasn’t enough?

  • I live in an area that is prodominantly hispanic and white. only since Katrina have we seen increased numbers of black people most are nice, I never ever treated someone like she did. though its odd the kids now adays call eachother niggers all the time… and they are all white and mexican. I feel like its wrong, but to them it seems to be a good thing. like fat verse phat.

  • This idiot is a symbol for everything that can go wrong with a person’s life. An ignorant, uneducated human who should have never been allowed to procreate. These poor kids are basically doomed. This woman gives a bad name to Cheektowaga, to women, to the white community, hell, even strippers apparently. Sure, she has the right to say whatever moronic thoughts her brain cells can barely string together, but that doesn’t mean the rest of us can’t judge her freely for this rant. She should have to wear a red “R” around for a few months.
    Now let’s all learn from this, move on, and just be decent humans to one another b/c it’s a hard world out there.

  • Stacey Oliver-Johnson

    So if he scared her kids by starting the car, how did he almost hit them? I don’t understand.

  • So we should be compassionate when Tom Bauerle cracks up because he has an obvious mental health issue but when some low income prole babe loses it in front of a Dollar General let’s all pile on with our white man’s sanctimony when it’s excruciatingly obvious she has some serious mental issues. What transpired before our victim turned on his camera and what’s the part about him running a collection agency shut down cause his employee threatened to sexually assault a client’s daughter if the bill wasn’t paid? This is all just too fucking easy and I am tired of race divas with one very narrow version of events.

    • Dude’s past is completely irrelevant.

      • He is a criminal who was forced by the AG to shut down his illegal collections business….its relevant, maybe not in a court of law regarding the incident, but in the court of public opinion, its relevant…..still doesnt excuse her behavior, though…..

      • Of course it is cause he’s your black victim. But her being a stripper is somehow pertinent. You ‘re a fucking clown. Go buy a round at Lee’s Lounge and see how many friends you have in an hour.

        • Lamont Cranston

          I’m so sorry you had to be raised by a toothless old methwhore. That must be quite a cross to bear.

  • Where was the “assault?”

    • maybe, but it doesn’t matter.

      • Sure it matters cause it is an obvious question on his credibility….doesn’t excuse what she did, but it matters……

      • Yes, that would be a monkey wrench is the racial outrage and victimization orgy all you sanctimonious pinheads are reveling in if we learned that homeboy is nothing more than a fucking parasite and a scumbag his own self. #racedivas

  • Some parting thoughts as I close this thread.

    1. It is perfectly ok for white people to be outraged and angered by anti-black animus. Indeed, I prefer it. When a video of a horrible racist rant makes its way to the top of Reddit’s front page (Reddit is not a “tabloid” because it has no editorial staff – it is a community where users post links to various things, and the rest of the community upvotes or downvotes it. If a link makes its way to the front page, it’s often considered to have made it to the “front page of the internet”, and is likely to be something you find on your Facebook timeline a few days later). Don’t tell me that it was wrong or improper to post a video that became a daylong international sensation. You want to talk about serious issues concerning race? Great. So would I. But it’s also handy once in a while to rediscovery just how prevalent and full of hate some people are, and it may help push those issues to the forefront.

    2. The person taking the video is alleged to have engaged in unfair debt collection practices. That does not excuse what happened to him in this instance. A black man – even one accused of being a horrible debt collector – has a right to start his car without being accosted by some racist woman yelling at him.

    3. The woman in the video screamed horrible racist things not only to the person with the camera, but in front of her two young children.

    4. An “assault” is defined generally as a threat of bodily harm coupled with an apparent, present ability to cause the harm. This woman had a cup of coffee on her and threatened to throw it in the victim’s face, just before he rolled the window up and locked the door. That’s assault. (Actually following through with it would have been “battery”).

    5. The woman is now claiming that the guy “almost hit her kid”. This is, I believe, palpably bullshit. If true, she would have – even once – said something along those lines during her dramatic “phone call” depicted on the video. If true, she would have been making that point contemporaneously to her husband on the phone. The fact that she never said anything like that calls that claim into question, and given the relative demeanor of the woman (berserk) with the cameraman (cool, calm, collected), I give the credibility edge to him.

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