Tim Kennedy’s Just Desserts

Tim Kennedy sold out his principles, his party, and his constituents when, in 2010, he executed a Steve Pigeon-brokered deal to align the majority Democratic county legislature with Republican County Executive Chris Collins. The figurehead leader of that coup was Barbara Miller-Williams, who has since returned to the legislature, and Kennedy was happy to let her take the brunt of criticism at the time. 

Through his actions, Kennedy handed a de facto legislature majority to the Republicans and to Collins, leading to devastating harm to the most vulnerable members of our society and a wide variety of policy decisions that were penny wise but pound foolish. The “reform coalition” reformed absolutely nothing, and merely served as a springboard for Kennedy to run for the state Senate against a guy who had been there forever and was just as toxic. 

When Kennedy last ran for re-election to the senate, County Legislator Betty Jean Grant – who had been among the most vocal and fearless critics of the “reform coalition” coup – launched what seemed a quixotic write-in campaign against him. In the end, she lost by only 139 votes, according to the Board of Elections. (Grant maintains that she won). 

Last cycle, Kennedy donated $85,000 in campaign funds to the Pigeon-Mazurek “AwfulPAC” or “WNY Progressive Caucus” (which was hardly “progressive”, and is now defunct). His obvious purpose was to punish Grant, and although she won re-election, Miller-Williams defeated Grant ally Tim Hogues. 

We now come full circle, as Kennedy flips and flops on abortion, and Grant’s effort against Kennedy becomes more organized. 

Last night, the county Democratic committee endorsed Grant over Kennedy. And of course it did – why reward someone who has worked tirelessly against the committee and its candidates with an endorsement? But as you read the press release shown below, note that county chair Jeremy Zellner’s last paragraph is Kennedy getting cockpunched. 

The Erie County Democratic Committee’s Executive Committee today overwhelmingly endorsed Legislator Betty Jean Grant for New York State Senate, District 63. 

The Executive Committee, which includes leaders from each town in the county and the City of Buffalo, credited Grant with her long history of standing up to powerful interest groups on behalf of the average citizen.  “Betty Jean Grant has shown unwavering support for the Democratic Party’s platform and philosophy,” said Erie County Democratic Chairman Jeremy Zellner.  “There is no second guessing when it comes to her commitment on jobs, education, health care and social issues.  Legislator Grant has always consistently supported the issues that are the bedrock of the Democratic Party.”

Grant’s support on the committee extended far beyond her base in the City of Buffalo, “I am proud to note that I received endorsements and nominations from suburban towns and among leaders in the pro-choice community.  I look forward to campaigning throughout the district and talking with voters from all backgrounds and points of view. I vow to work closely with Governor Cuomo to continue the momentum that Western New York has achieved.”

Zellner dismissed criticism that the endorsement amounted to insider support from party bosses. “Our Executive Committee is designed to represent a cross section of our community. In addition to representatives from each town and city in the county, we have seats for labor, education, the private sector as well as the LGBT community and African American and Hispanic leaders.  Legislator Grant’s support comes from the grassroots up. The public has grown cynical of politicians who trot out substance free, feel-good initiatives at home, while running back to Albany to surround themselves with the worst elements of our political system.

This will absolutely be a race to watch. 



  • Out of curiosity, when is the last time this space endorsed a Democrat other than the one endorsed by the Party.

    • Can’t recall. As a town committeeman, I’m of the mind that I should, as a general rule, back the party’s pick. I’m sure there have been exceptions, but I can’t fathom why that would matter to a tea party Republican. Whom will the GOP be running for SD-63?

      • Yeah, I was just trying to discern a trend. Sort of musing whether this column’s evaluations were based solely on merit, or on diktat. In which case I would look for Zellner’s lips to move when this column was speaking; and I might conclude that “horrible person” could also be expressed as “not endorsed”.

        • Or, you could click the link and read all the articles I wrote about him contemporaneously with his bad acts and conclude that I’d be opposed to him regardless of what happened last night.

          • And you endorsed him in 2010, when he was the machine candidate.
            “Alan Bedenko: I haven’t always agreed with Tim Kennedy on procedural or substantive issues he’s brought before the county legislature, but I respect the fact that he’s brought issues there at all. He won’t sell the working class up the river, and he says he’ll vote in favor of gay marriage. Jack Quinn has been in Albany and done bugger-all except complain about stuff. I’ll take the guy I don’t always agree with over the guy who’s done little/nothing.”

  • Watch this election cycle.Kennedy is one of leading recipients in NY of lobbying money from casino and gambling interests.Pigeon and his dirty little birds wont go down without a no rules street fight .

  • Maybe it’s time to ask WTF happened to the Elections Board investigation.

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