Kathy Weppner: Solving All the Problems

Below is a speech that was given by an ostensibly serious candidate for Congress. She jolts between a plethora of issues, and puffs herself as having a “really good reputation” and that she’s “reading everything”. Her selling point is that Buffalo needs a “loud” and “strong” voice in Washington. 

She also hits Congressman Higgins for not being in Buffalo enough. (What?!) 

Brian Higgins’ power is not here in Buffalo. He should be here listening to us; no town hall meetings on any issues, he doesn’t want to hear from us. And then he goes there and comes back as fast as possible, and then doesn’t listen to us at all. He should be staying in Washington and getting things done for us. That’s where his power is. And that is what I’ll do. 

I quite literally don’t get the logic. She complains that Higgins isn’t here enough, and in literally the next sentence complains that he should stay in Washington. 

Of course, Higgins holds “Congress on your Corner” events all the time, and has a district office and even a phone number and email address for anyone who wants to voice their opinion

Maybe he’s not listening to shrill tea party types because their ideas are shit. 

Check out this read, as Kathy Weppner records a campaign message, but posts it to her husband’s YouTube account, and omits the federally mandated campaign disclaimer. Watch as she starts out by honoring our fallen soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines, but then uses their sacrifice for electioneering purposes. 

 That’s ok, I guess. 

On Memorial Day, she was literally campaigning on the graves of the fallen. 


  • “I think it’s too late. I think we’re gonna lose our country”.

    That’s what Kathy claims she said when her family told her to run for office. Correct me if I’m wrong, but when people talk the way Kathy talks, aren’t family members supposed to enact some kind of intervention instead of encouraging her psychosis?

    I have to hand it to her though, these videos are not street-grade, but actually real-deal pharmaceutical-grade comedy.

  • If I hear one more neo-con complain about deteriorating conditions at VA hospitals without any intention whatsoever of actually properly funding the VA, I am going to lose it.

  • she needs a better teleprompter than the laptop she’s using.

  • When is someone going to tell the FEC that she has been spending money on her campaign since at least March 24th while failing to file the legally required April 15 financial disclosure?

  • Dems apparently in full panic mode over the November elections.

    Fearful that even Brian Higgins may be vulnerable to the Obama slide.


    • i’m not a dem, but weppner is an embarrassment to us all.

    • lol at the idea that Higgins is going to lose his reelection bid to Weppner. He recieved over 60% of the vote in 2010, in the biggest republican wave election since at least 1994, in a district that was more republican than the super democratic district he now represents(re-districting wen’t into effect for the 2012 election). Even Egiru would beat this clown if he pulled a miracle and won the primary.

      • Probably correct, but then why is Alan obsessing over her? Straw-person?

        • Another point I didn’t think of also, that was the same year that Paladino was at the top of the ticket at trounced Cuomo in WNY and I think he took the district as well. Voters were willing to split tickets and vote for Higgins still.

          Alan’s motivations for doing things I will leave for him to explain.

        • (a) she’s hilarious;
          (b) her hilarity is wholly unintentional – she thinks she’s a serious person; and
          (c) she embodies the brain-dead WBEN ditto-head tea party mindset.

        • She’s not going to lose because she’s a Republican. She’s going to lose because she’s emblematic of a movement that has contempt for intellect and civility.

      • All Higgins has to do is keep his mouth shut.

        Let Weppner bury herself with every statement she makes.

    • That has got to be the most hilarious dumb analysis I’ve ever seen.

    • That campaign ad is a tea party template. I just saw the same ad with clips of an Alaskan pol.

    • You are so right. I love to watch it. It’s hysterically funny.

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