When Kathy Told Rush She Was Going Galt

Courtesy of @KathyWeppner4NY, Here is the audio of Kathy Weppner’s (R-Galt’s Gulch) pledge to His Rushness that she and her husband are going to earn less before Obummer’s cadre’s take it all.


Is anyone going to follow up with her on this? Has Dr. Weppner, in fact, cut back his hours so as to protect his income from Barry’s commissars? Also, when can we expect to see her audio and text archives come back online? Is there something she’s hiding?


  • Hopefully, Dr. Weppner also swore off all patients who have Medicaid or Medicare coverage.

  • Keep a-pluggin’ away on this. Maybe readers will get so caught up in this that they miss the pitiable 0.1% first quarter economic growth report just out this morning. After all, if the 2014 election is as bad or worse than 2010 for the Dems (and why wouldn’t it be?) Brian Higgins might lose to the Republican candidate in his district. Rep. Weppner, anyone?

    • “Brian Higgins might lose to the Republican candidate in his district”? Not likely of course and not even a chance in hell for this right wing wacko Weppner.

    • So the fact that the Republican held house of worthlessness has been trying to drive the economy into the dirt when they are not selling us out to the highest bidder some how translates to a dopey woman with no name recognition (or brain for that matter) unseating a well known and liked rep. in an overly democratic district….not likely

  • Whatever will she do with her congressional salary?

  • It’s just dumb on its face.

  • I wish she WOULD put her show archive back online. WHY? Because it would certainly be scrubbed of any shows she thought shouldn’t be for public consumption (forgetting they actually aired already), and we’d get to see which of her shows, after special consideration, she STILL thinks are okay and not kooky/xenophobic/ignorant.

    Wouldn’t you love to have been a fly on the wall when the decision was discussed to take down all of her audio? Did the reason have to be calmly explained to her? She couldn’t possibly have admitted her shows were crazy, could she?

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