Revisiting the Tea Party Schism

There was once a listserv called “ReformNYS” that, for some time, was a collection of outrages and calls to action shared among the Ron Paul libertarian wing of the local tea party. It never really had many ideas about reforming New York State, and it’s managed to reform exactly nothing.

By contrast, the Palinist wing of the tea party has found multiple causes celebre about which to agitate, thanks in large part to the NY SAFE Act, which places restrictions on people’s ability to massacre, e.g., almost 2 dozen schoolchildren in a matter of seconds

Now? The Ron Paul wing’s listserv has devolved into this:

The author of that garbage (he posts something almost every day along these lines, always ending with a demand that the reader “wake up”, was a leader of the tea party movement back in 2009 – 2010. Chris Smith and I wrote extensively about Allen Coniglio’s weird obsessions and his sudden political activism that began around January 2009. With stuff like this:

Buffalo Tea Party organizer Allen Coniglio told me that Paladino is a “decent person” and that this story is a smear.

Coniglio made it clear that he and the Buffalo Tea Party denounced the content of the e-mails and “do not support any racist positions of any kind. ” This story, he said, was the kind of thing he’d come to expect from the media and liberal activists.”…

…People are different (ed. from the 18th and 19th century) because there are many more unproductive slackers due to big government, new slaveholder interventions and slave breeding programs. People of the type created by these programs would not have existed in any measurable quantity as there would have been little possibility of survival prior to the advent of the modern welfare state.

Slacking is now in the genes of the people who have been on welfare for 3 or 4 generations or more and these people are now, for all intents and purposes, societally worthless, ineducable and probably beyond redemption.

Yes, they are different because they have been bred to do nothing but slack and vote for Democrats by their slavemasters Jackson, Sharpton, Farrakhan, Reid, Kerry, Kennedy, the Clintons, etc..

Sounds eerily like what got cowboy hat welfare queen Cliven Bundy in trouble this past week.

Suffice it to say that one of the guys who was instrumental in bringing the Tea Party Express travel write-off to Buffalo is now circulating the crap reproduced above.


  • you mean the reformnys listserv is serious- I always thought it was trying to be like the Onion. But that could be the contrails messing with me.

    • but do you think the goofy stuff coniglio spews makes any sense? or is this the only way you know how to respond- #thanksobama
      I don’t think what you perceive to be the point of this is what it is.

    • Your obsession with poll numbers only furthers your inability to stay on topic. How bout these poll numbers….anyone you put up against Clinton loses miserably….you will not see another Rep. president for at least a generation. Keep plugging away!!

      • And a double portion of Kool Aid to you, sir, for disbelieving even the lefty WaPo-ABC numbers. I hear Baghdad Bob has recently retired, if you’re looking for a challenging job with lots of setbacks.

        • Have you even LOOKED at the Post’s editorials?

          They’re far from liberal.

        • Sheep…Kool Aid…even your metaphors are old hat Mr Hamlin and your posts only serve to prove your lack of knowledge when it comes to politics……

    • Nothing slows the ongoing shrinking of all the demos that agree with you.

  • I also wonder if he is affiliated with the local newspaper known as Money Saver. It is published in Springville but spews almost identical sillyness. #OMGflouride #contrails #MH370falseflag

  • I’m still waiting to see the diatribe about HARP and weather control and all that.

  • Coniglio seems like an idiot for sure.

    FWIW, I’m not noticing where he or anyone claimed Coniglio is a “leader of the tea party movement back in 2009 – 2010”. At the website to which your post links that phrase, he declared himself in July ’09 to be “the tea party coordinator for the Buffalo area” and his discussion group to be “the Buffalo sponsor for the National Tea party movement”.

    Even those claimed “the” roles might’ve had no real significance, but coordinator and sponsor are weaker claims than leader.

    At that link:

    Dear US Citizen – … ReformNYS is our internet discussion group whereon those who are interested in the tea party and general political reform movement can post messages and discuss the issues of the day with any and all group members. … We maintain contact with the other reform groups in Buffalo and Western New York including Free New York, Primary Challenge, and Tea New York ReformNYS is the Buffalo sponsor for the National Tea party movement and I, Allen Coniglio, am the tea party coordinator for the Buffalo area.

    Seems he’s probably just a guy with a website and listserv but no sign of any followers with significance in number or influence.

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