Weppner Word Salad

Buffalo’s own Sarah Palin, Kathy Weppner, has updated her website with “issues”. To say that these items amount to incomprehensible word salad is a wild understatement. My favorite is how guns will protect from the evil of power outages.  I distinctly remember how, during the October Storm, my neighborhood devolved into a post-apocalyptic hell where roaming bands of zombies attacked homes, seeking rotten food and working powerstrips. I found that a Glock was the best substitute for a cellphone during that time.

Or maybe not. Maybe everything was just fine and, to date, I’ve managed to live my life without uttering the phrase, “gosh, I wish I had a gun with me in this particular situation”.

Seriously, these passages look like they were written by a 3rd grader whose parents listen to Rush Limbaugh in the car. The only things missing are flags, eagles, a Lee Greenwood soundtrack, and some patriotic emoji.

Weppner’s Policy Word Salad



  • oh good- i was starting to go through Weppner analysis withdrawal!

    • but I’s just a simple country dweller. Part of me wants to see here get elected just for the ensuing hilarity.

      • Not get elected….just keep running like the Republican political numnuts that think there will actually be another Republican president…..

  • The unabashed hypocrisy of her health care platform is stunning. I sat through hours of c-span watching Pres Obama try to coax republicans into an intelligent debate to make the the ACA bi-partisan. What he got was crapped on. One guy stood up and said there should be more medicare fraud policing, and sure enough it was added. The rest of the bunch just pissed and moaned. Now this dope says common sense options were ignored. Well maybe but they were ignored by republicans. What an obnoxious human being.

    • That’s because the good Christian Kathy is a liar.

      It’s people like Kathy Weppner who give religion a bad name.

  • What amazes me is that this woman apparently graduated college, yet even though this website is supposed to be her big. bad official campaign site, it’s rife with poor grammar.

    She really is the personification of Tea Party.

  • Here in Black Rock we were without power for 6 days during the October storm, to my knowledge no guns were used to maintain order. In fact there was actually a decrease in crime in the City of Buffalo and an increase in neighbors helping neighbors, maybe Kathy lives in the wrong neighborhood or moves in the wrong circles.

  • I’d like her to try to explain to me “subjective gun control actions that violate medical privacy.” I’ve never heard of this. Also, punctuation, grammar etc.

    • I think she is referring to doctors asking patients if there are guns in the home, the gun fanatics are all up in arms over this.

      • KathyWeppnerNY26

        That’s been part of the mini-med interview for certain interviews (mental illness, domestic abuse etc ) for 30-40 years.

    • KathyWeppnerNY26

      She and her ilk argue that shrinks should not tell the government that Johnny gun-buyer is a psychotic schizophrenic as HIPAA violations are of more concern than school massacres

  • There was no violence or looting in Kathy’s neighborhood during the October surprise, just folks dealing with downed trees and no power, like everyone else. She use to brag about carrying a gun around with her; wondering if she is doing that at campaign events.
    Mr. Wilcox, she attended college. She did not graduate.
    Why hasn’t there been any reporting about the fact that she is 10 days late in filing her financial report, due April 15, with the Federal Election Commission?

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