Weppner Selling Yacht

On her campaign website, Weppner says she’s running for Congress because she’s a 

…strong voice for those who have a difficult time speaking for themselves due to inequity in power. She intends to carry that voice to Washington to help overcome the unique challenges facing Western New York.

It’s a silly statement, when you read it. “Inequity in power” doesn’t prevent or stunt someone’s ability to “speak for themselves”. Unless Weppner is advocating for that socialist equality nonsense, it’s hard to know what she’s talking about. I can’t decide if she’s trying to be regular people, or if she’s saying, in effect, that she’s better than regular people – you lumpenproles can rely on her to do your anti-Obama, anti-Kenyan advocacy for you

In the meantime, I wonder if Weppner is funding her campaign through the sale of her yacht?

Right now, you can buy a 1989 Beneteau Oceanis 500, a 50′ sailing vessel registered to Kathleen Weppner of Williamsville.  The “Perseverance III” is available for the low, low price of $99,900.  It looks like Weppner let her FCC license for the ship’s radio lapse in 2012, which would essentially coincide with the end of her radio program

‘Perseverance VII’, 5 Cabin, 4 Heads, Roller Furling, Enormous Salon, Great Live-Aboard Potential, Rochester, NY

The Oceanis 500: This 50 footer has supplied thousands of sailors the “big boat” experience. The accommodations are sumptuous for 4 couples. There is a “crew’s quarters” forward with two bunks. This 500 is fast and stable with a 15 ton displacement. While Beneteau built her to go anywhere, she is equally comfortable in light air as well as a blow.

Always a “Lot of boat for the money” This particular 500 is priced extremely well for a domestically based boat. 

Boat Name: “Perserverance VII”

LOA: 50 ft 0 in
Beam: 15 ft 6 in
LWL: 44 ft 6 in
Maximum Draft: 6 ft
Keel: Fin w/bulb and wings
Displacement: 30700 lbs
Ballast: 10800 lbs

Engine Brand: Perkins
Year Built: 1989
Engine Model: 4.236
Engine/Fuel Type: Diesel
Engine Hours: 8127

Fresh Water Tanks: 4 (63 Gallons)
Fuel Tanks: 1 (148 Gallons)
Holding Tanks: 2 (48 Gallons)

Number of twin berths: 2
Number of double berths: 4
Number of cabins: 5
Number of heads: 4

VHF – Horizon Eclipse
Radar Detector
Autopilot – Autohelm 4000 plus wheel pilot
CD player – Pioneer with amp

RF Genoa
Battened mainsail – Doyle 2001 (great condition)

Steering wheel – 2 wheels
Inside Equipment
Marine head – 4
Deep freezer
Battery charger
Hot water
Electric bilge pump – 4
Electrical Equipment
Inverter – Xantrex 14.4 volts 15 amps 2005
Shore power inlet

Outside Equipment/Extras:
Swimming ladder
Cockpit table
Tender – 1997 Caribe 13′ EMD3C3697 with Yamaha 50hp OB
Bimini Top
Spray hood

Here is a list of extras:
CQR 45lb with 300′ chain
Refrigeration Frigobaot 200 Twin series installed 2005
Force10 3 burner propane stove installed 2002
CCI controls LP Gas detector (Pre Tell 2)
Xantrex Freedom Marine series remote for the inverter.
Masthead lights new in 2009
EPIRB Sat 406 & Rapid fix 404
2 Oympic lighted compasses on each wheel
3 Main batery switches
Jabsco bilge pumps (3) new 2010
Jabsco sensor Max 17 water pump with guard
Atlantic Marine R12E Hot water tank 2005
Lewmar windlass
100′ power cord
2 breeze boosters and wind scoops
4 fire extinguishers
8 sets of foul weather gear assorted sizes
SPR M700 150 watt speaker system still in box
hatch screens for all hatches
10 life vests
1 adult West Marine offshore auto/manual inflator (NEW)
3 ACR Electronics C-lights
2 five pack life vests in zip pack
Orion Marine signal kit
6 pack star tracers
Night Blaster Light rechargeable 2,000,000 candlepower
7 turbo fans throughout boat.
BBQ Grill
Audiovox Satellite phone
2 Edson leather wheel covers
Triple sets of fitted sheets for all cabins w blankets
All stemware/dishes/pots/pans
Multiple replacement bulbs
Spare clamps,screws/switches/tools
1 pair childs trainer skis
1 pair adult water skis with ski rope

Tea Party Kathy from Williamsville – she’s just regular folk!


  • Ridgewaycynic2013

    Breakfast cereal included with that?…

  • KathyWeppnerNY26

    Probably shouldn’t have checked the “Yacht Owner” box on the FAFSA forms

  • There you go with the class warfare again…. #sarcasm

    • What are you talking about? This yacht has only 5 cabins and 4 heads.

      • Seriously what is the point of bring up the boat? I’m pretty sure Brian can easily afford one of those. Right? He could work for 7 months and outright buy it cash just off his salary as a congress person.

        • The post speaks for itself.

          • If it spoke for it’s self I would not have asked you why did you bring up a sale of a boat she owns.

            So what does owning a boat have to do with anything especially running for an elected office?

            She is running against Brian Higgins right? On Brian’s salary he can purchase a “Yacht” as you call it in about 7 months on his salary.

          • If he had no other living expenses, yes. A yacht is a luxury, not a necessity of life. It’s what people buy on top of the things they need.

          • That is the best you have?

            $14,000 a month salary including a couple $1000 more for bene’s and you bring up a boat someone owns.

            Brian is clearly out of touch with us common people.

            “One in three adults in Buffalo lives below the federal poverty line, which is in the $10,000 range for a single person and $21,000 for a
            family of four. An income of $10,000 a year translates into $9.25 a day (after deductions for average Buffalo rent and per

            diem clothing costs). Right now 43% of children in Buffalo are
            growing up poor, 22% percent of children are living in what is called
            “extreme poverty”

            a standard of living so low it is half of the federal poverty level, about
            $10,000 a year for a family of four.

            You are bring up a boat that someone owns stating she is out of touch compared to the people she wants to “speak for”…

            Yet for Brian to earn $21,000 he just has to show up and BS in meetings for 6 weeks. I’m figuring $3500 a week X 6 weeks ~ $21,000.

            He must really relate to the people he represents…

            And you bring up a boat…

            And I”m not defending Kathy. I’m just pointing out you are being an ass.

  • Piece of shit doesn’t even come with an Xbox.

  • I’m really looking forward to how often she crowbars “Inequity” into every talking point.

  • KathyWeppnerNY26

    Where our fearless leaders makes her calls to Rush from.

  • richardszczepankiewicz

    As Bugs Bunny would say: “What a maroon”.

  • So when did working hard to better the lives of your children become unAmerican?

    • it didn’t. whining to Rush about making 250k a year is. in fact, it’s pathetically hysterical.

    • You find me where I wrote in this post that she was “unAmerican”.

      • You didn’t have to write it. Your attitude about wealth and those who create it in this post and your others speak volumes. It is the American Dream that anyone can go beyond their circumstances to better themselves. You hold this against Kathy

        • You accuse me of writing something that I didn’t write. When I call you on it, you suggest that I have an “attitude about wealth and those who create it”. That I am somehow against the “American Dream” and that I hold it against Kathy.

          You don’t know a thing about me. You have no idea what my attitude is about anything, and you have no idea what I think about the American Dream.

          I don’t have a problem with Kathy Weppner owning a yacht which, new, goes for $500,000. Do you? If not, what are you complaining about? If it’s so great, her yacht, then there’s not a damn thing about which to whine.

          But here you are. Whining.

          All I’m doing is pointing out the fact that she has a yacht. I also pointed out some words that she wrote about how she’s a strong voice for the voiceless due to inequities of some sort. I don’t think she speaks for me. I think she speaks for herself. And other people who make almost 10x what the average household in Erie County makes.

          The problem that I have with people like Kathy Weppner is that she has everything, yet resents everybody. Her husband is head of OB/GYN at Millard Suburban. I’d guess he probably pulls in close to $350,000 per year. The median income in Erie County is about $46,000. So when someone like Kathy Weppner complains about the unions or the blacks or the poor or SNAP or other people who are struggling to make ends meet, I wonder what her problem is. She has everything, and then some, DESPITE the socialist hordes at the gate she concocted in her mind.

          She’s not out to help the underprivileged or voiceless. She’s out for #1.

          The problem I have is that we have a huge population of people struggling to get by in a changing economy, and she wants to talk about taking away Obamacare and shutting down the borders – (not the northern ones, I’ll bet).

          She has absolutely no fucking idea what it’s like to live paycheck to paycheck in contemporary America. She has no clue what it means to want in contemporary WNY. All she knows is that she has wealth and she wants to keep more of it.

          And while we’re on the subject of how she’s miraculously a “wealth creator” – what wealth has she created? Her husband earns a substantial living off the insurance payouts from average people like you and me. He heals people and delivers babies -and that’s laudable, but while Obamacare just expanded the potential patient pool for him and his colleagues, his wife is busy defaming it and lying about it.

          And don’t fucking lecture me on what the American dream is. Like I said, you don’t know the first fucking thing about who I am or where I came from.

          • “She has absolutely no &#$*#^$ idea what it’s like to live paycheck to paycheck in contemporary America.”

            And neither do you Alan. So when you push “this or that” should be paid for you are forgetting about the people “in the middle” that the end up paying for it. Not the people who live “check to check” but the ones with a small buffer, savings for retirement, etc. It starts to pull those people down where they can become check to check. When you blurt out something as stupid as “It is only a $4 latte” per year you are forgetting not all people waste money on a $4 lattes. Or latti? Correct my grammar if it make you feel better.

          • You don’t have to live paycheck to paycheck to understand the plight of people who do. What’s galling is the arrogance and condescension by someone like Weppner, who clearly doesn’t know or care to know what real day-to-day struggle is like. Her woe-is-the-rich mentality is naive and shallow. Then again, so are most of her positions.

          • Of course I know how to live paycheck to paycheck. You have no idea about my financial situation now or in the past. Suffice it to say I cannot afford a 50′ yacht and its ancillary expenses. That used yacht costs as much a house in much of NY-27. A new yacht of that size by that company costs like a mansion in Spaulding Lake.

          • Well said Alan!

          • You bitch a good game! You are doing to me what you do to Kathy in every hit piece you write. You don’t know Kathy or her family. You make suppositions base on who you think Kathy is. The chickens are coming home to roost with Obamacare.

          • Yes. They are. People are getting insured, and they can now get medical care. And not die.

          • It’s not hard to know WHO Kathy is. Before she scrubbed it clean, her website had lots and lots of hours of her on the radio explaining EXACTLY who she is…and it wasn’t pretty.

    • It’s people like Kathy who are the first to proclaim someone “unAmerican” for some oft-imagined slight or egregious misstep like not wearing a flag lapel pin. By the way, considering her lack of knowledge and common sense, not to mention the ease with which she descends into epic gullibility, I cannot imagine Kathy Weppner would be, sans baby-making-organs, pulling down an income much beyond $25K a year.

  • Here’s one for the commenters…
    Anyone know what Perseverance I and Perseverance II represent?

    • Oh, no. You mean it’s not the third boat they called Perseverance?

    • Perseverance I and Perseverance II were sunk by Obama’s secret FEMA police.

      Christ, even the names of their boats are gallingly arrogant. As if this boat represents some sort of victory over life’s hardships.

      • Maybe she persevered two other doctors prior to meeting *lucky* number III.

      • Perseverance I was for her attacks on poor people
        Perseverance II was for her attacks on gay and lesbian people
        Perseverance III is for her attacks on reality in that she is out of her fucking mind thinking anyone in the 26th congressional district would actually fall for her bullshit candidacy, especially after reading all the stuff here.

  • If Weppner had not whined so much about how difficult things are for higher earners, maybe people would not be pointing out how ridiculously good she has it. And while we are at it, let’s can the discussion of how she “earned” this yacht or “bettered” herself. She married a doctor. How inspiring.

    And if one more of these people threatens to “go Galt”, I think I am going to lose it. Makes you wonder how much her husband earns from billing Medicaid or Medicare.

  • Well, the boat is for sale, which suggests either that CW can’t afford to keep it or that she has bought/is buying another one. If it’s the former then maybe things are tough for her, and it’s consistent with her reported experience of having to cut back as a result of having her income curtailed to give the poor stuff they didn’t earn.

    • Or, like many businesses, they overreatced to the “sky-is-falling” crowd on TV & radio and premptively cut back ahead of time, before there was any need to. Weppner has already demonstrated her lack of understanding of how the progressive tax system works and what Obama actually intendds to do with her possessions(!), so it wouldn’t surprise me if she’s “going Galt”. She’s a dumbass. NOTHING she does should surprise anybody at this point. Like most conservatives, she’s afraid of her own shadow and spends much of her time wringing her hands while cowering in a corner behind her gun.

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