Kathy Weppner on Whom She Resents

On July 14, 2008, Kathy from Williamsville called Rush Limbaugh to whine about those greedy teachers, firemen, and policemen who rape the poor taxpayers who earn over $250,000.

CALLER: You know, we have ended up with a society where all the people that work in government, all the politicians, the teachers, the firemen, the policemen, all of our state governments, municipalities, and we are in a very heavily governed area here in western New York, all of them are living inside the castle walls, and all of us, everybody else is living outside of the castle walls. And all of the rules they make protect them, where our people, the public employee, they can retire at 55 here and they live to 85.

You see, it’s not the wealthy families of physicians who live in castles – it’s the teachers and firemen and policemen.  We need to begrudge them their pensions because they didn’t do important work, teaching our kids and protecting our families. They’re the classic “takers” to people like Kathy “from Williamsville” Weppner. 

Limbaugh shares her resentment, and the Republican running against Brian Higgins declared, 

Well, New York is slated to go bankrupt first, and we are a state that’s shrunk in population and grew in government workers, again. And I don’t understand why they don’t get that this model is not gonna work.

RUSH: Well, there’s a simple human nature answer for that, and that is until it happens to them, it’s not happening.

CALLER: Well, they’re just saying, “Well it’s not going to happen in my lifetime, so it doesn’t matter.” That’s what it is. 

RUSH: That’s true, too, because the things that this generation, couple of generations before us have caused, they’re trying to insulate themselves from dealing with.

CALLER: Well, I’ll tell you, I know the car companies, we have GM and Ford here, and my dad used to sell to them, and I said, “What were they thinking?” He said, “They were thinking that by the time that it all crumbles, I’ll be retired,” and that’s it. These people that are in office right now —

RUSH: I know, I know. 

CALLER: — in our state capital, just don’t think it’s going to happen in their lifetime, so who cares.

RUSH: I know. A lot of people outside government think that, too. They really do. Look, that’s great, Kathy, I appreciate the call.

Seriously, who the fuck even understands what she’s talking about anymore? She just babbles on and on about her resentments and her idiotic semi-literate predictions of imminent doom and failure because the left is busy taking America down. This person begs to be taken seriously, but it’s an impossible task. She is the perfect reflection of tea party inanity. 


  • But what about the legs? Does she have Sarah Palin quality legs?

  • She seems like one of those “I got mine” and that’s all that matters. I could see her driving her Lexus from her comfortable Williamsville home, while looking down with indignation at all the “little people” with less means, or a beat up car.

    And she sure fits right in there with Rush, and all the “I got mine too” conservative talk radio jerks, the greedy selfish bastards at SPEAKUP WNY, politicians in the image of heartless Chris Collins/Ted Cruz/Paul Ryan, and the rest of the pity my rich ass whiners.

    Boo hoo, boo hoo. The fucking Republican Party can have all these greedy selfish wretches.

    These folks would NEVER lift up those in society who are below them. They constantly contort, obfuscate, twist, and LIE with issue after issue after issue when it comes to safety net programs, health care (they got theirs of course), public employees and their pensions (jealous bastards), workforce development, public assistance, and on and on. It simply boils down to selfishness in their public policy, and a clear dimwittedness of the “standard” conservative talk show listener.

    And they should read the fucking bible they always seem to preach, yet somehow they ignore the parts about charity, helping people who need a hand, compassion, benevolence,
    humanity, tolerance, etc.

    The best part of this post is the fact that the public employees they incessantly complain about had better foresight then the Kathy from Williamsville types, in that when folks entered the public workforce they knew the pay would be low compared to the private sector, but people accepted lower wages in order to qualify for pensions and health care (for a lot helping people was part of it too). Luckily for them, however, wages grew because they were underpaid when simple fairness entered into the equation, and they still also got the pension. LOL

    I say good for these forward-thinking public employees. Maybe this Jerk from Williamsville should stop beating up on teachers, public nurses, police, firefighters, and all the others.
    Perhaps when all is said and done, Kathy from Williamsville and the others were really the dimwitted ones! Let her cry. Let them all cry. Who cares!!! And, at the end of the day, they do not make much of a difference in the election because they are small in numbers and they are just talking to themselves. HaHaHa!!!

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