Kathy Weppner On Town Halls

In August 2009, Kathy from Williamsville called Rush Limbaugh to bemoan the absence of congressional town hall meetings in western New York

RUSH: Kathy in Williamsville, New York, hello and welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. You know what? What I can’t understand is we have Marines and soldiers that are being blown up and facing down terrorists, and our politicians cannot even face an angry senior citizen? I just can’t even believe that. You know, in upstate New York where I’m from in western New York, we don’t even have one this entire summer, not one town hall meeting with one politician because our districts are so gerrymandered they don’t have to get our opinions, but we’re holding them without them.

Indeed, Chris Collins and his immediate predecessor are all about “telephone town hall” meetings rather than in-person ones. I know I’ve never seen an invite to one, and I’m a prime voter. 

I wonder if Kathy from Williamsville, now that she’s running for Congress, will hold some town hall meetings where she has to respond to be-Snopes’d questioners in person? 

HAHA! Won’t happen. She’s blocked people from commenting on her Facebook page, deleted non-profane comments, deleted any evidence of her own blog and radio show, and is otherwise concentrating on clown things. 


  • I don’t know why anyone would hold a town meeting. People act like assholes. If adults can’t get in a room and discuss issues maturely, fuck it.

  • Uh, no. She couldn’t even handle answering questions from TBN unless it was by email. But I would pay cash money to watch her have to field a few in real time.

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