Kathy Weppner Violates Federal Law

Kathy Weppner’s Facebook page contains this image: 

Notice the Congressional seal above the two “p”s? 

18 U.S. Code § 713 – Use of likenesses of the great seal of the United States, the seals of the President and Vice President, the seal of the United States House of Representatives, and the seal of the United States Congress

(a) Whoever knowingly displays any printed or other likeness of the great seal of the United States, or of the seals of the President or the Vice President of the United States, or the seal of the United States Senate, or the seal of the United States House of Representatives, or the seal of the United States Congress, or any facsimile thereof, in, or in connection with, any advertisement, poster, circular, book, pamphlet, or other publication, public meeting, play, motion picture, telecast, or other production, or on any building, monument, or stationery, for the purpose of conveying, or in a manner reasonably calculated to convey, a false impression of sponsorship or approval by the Government of the United States or by any department, agency, or instrumentality thereof, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than six months, or both.

The Attorney General’s office may enjoin Weppner from using the House seal upon complaint by the Clerk of the House of Representatives. 

It should be noted that Weppner does not serve – nor has never served – in the House of Representatives. She is, however, the clownshoes-iest candidate ever to run for federal office, and to also enjoy the endorsement of a major party. 

Then again, Eddie Egriu has this inexplicable thing


  • Yellow Campaigning!!

  • Gee from the looks of that capture, she’s already a member of congress! #howdthathappen

  • Hard on the heels of the current Erie County Executive having to remove the county seal from his campaign website you have to wonder if Kathy and crew are operating in some sort of vacuum.
    The Egriu thing is not that inexplicable…if we imagine those cute lil characters to be THC particles. Love you too Eddie. Brownies?

  • In these situations I always wonder exactly what Kathy herself would say if it was a soul-less liberal Democrat who did such a thing. My guess is she’d have plenty to say, but that good Christian would never admit it.

  • This is a really meta-ironic post following the one about Mark Poloncarz using the county seal on his campaign, right?

  • Get the sponge out Kath. Time for another scrub.

  • So Alan why didn’t you make a stink about Mark using the County seal on his website?


    • 1. Because it’s not a crime. This is.

      2. Why were you silent about the pixels?

      3. Why are you NOT making a stink about Weppner?

      • 1. I believe it was decided by the county that someone couldn’t use the county symbol, crime or not. Apparently there must have been something about that because Mark did remove the county seal.

        “Reese’s allegation could have
        serious consequences. Section 1.05 (c) of the County Code provides,
        “Such seal shall be used for all authorized and requisite purposes.” If
        Reese is correct that seal constitutes county property and cannot be
        used for political purposes or personal gain, then Poloncarz may run
        afoul of the County Code of Ethics.”

        So does this code exist or not? If it is fine to use why did Mark remove it?

        2. I expect something more intelligent out of you than ”

        Anti-Semitic Pixels” and didn’t see a reason to respond. It look more like you were trying to down play what Mark did and bash Kathy for what she did. You know. Being a hypocrite. They both did the same thing. They both used a “government seal” they weren’t supposed to.

        3. Because I have been watching you be a complete ass about it. It is people like you who turn off other people who may be qualified to run our community from running in the first place.

  • I knew people in law school who kept a copy of title 18, United States Code (the federal criminal statute) as “reading material” in their loo, just to find some of the strangest offenses they could. Best they did was the list of misdemeanors for misappropriating the name, likeness or slogan of Smokey the Bear, Woodsy Owl and Johnny Horizon for commercial purposes. The latter was decriminalized in 1982 (okay, we had an old copy- sue me), but the Smokester and the Woodster remain subject to the Wrath of Hochul under sections 711 and 711a of title 18.

  • She’s even deleting posts on her FB wall. I posted that she should not be hiding her past on the wayback machine, but it is now deleted.

    • Considering what a loose cannon she is, the real trick will be scrubbing the things she hasn’t even said yet.

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