Anti-Semitic Pixels Go Unchallenged

In the last few weeks, there has been what at least one person – seemingly ignorant of the word’s definition  – considers to be a scandal. Known to many as “one of the many lawyers who works around Buffalo” and commonly referred to as, “isn’t that guy retired”, one nominally “Democratic” activist pointed out that a horrible crime had been perpetrated – the chief executive of Erie County used the county seal on his campaign website.

Not waiting for Republicans to point out any alleged impropriety, he bravely preserved democracy and the American way by ensuring that only one Democratic politician was called out. Never mind that the seal appears on the websites of other county politicians,  this was the America-saving result: 

Thanks be to God that this grievous insult to the taxpayers of Erie County has been rectified. The entire internet has been sanitized, and you can no longer infer that there was some official imprimatur from county government over Poloncarz’s website. No word yet on whether any alleged “Democratic” “Activists” will demand similar cleansing of other political websites, lest our civilization fall. 

But why was the most glaring insult overlooked? 

If you look very closely at the “Poloncarz for Erie County” header image shown above, it is made up of tiny pixels. One of the pixels in that image is a known, admitted anti-Semite.  In spite of that fact, no one has demanded its removal, or that Poloncarz further scrub his website. County Comptroller Stefan  Mychajliw has not yet sounded the alarm – reasonably or otherwise – over this grave injustice. 

Right there. That particular pixel is clearly not only anti-Semitic, but an outspoken nazi. How is it that all of these great legal minds, all of these brave Democratic activists were so lazy and blind as to not demand that pixel’s immediate removal from a campaign website? If you go to Poloncarz’s website and attempt to give money, are you giving money to support white supremacy or euthanasia? 

These are important and heady times for self-hating Democrats. There aren’t just offensive pixels, but rude cursors, Stalinist background images, and fascist metatags – none of which have been exposed or called out by the likes of the Niagara Falls Reporter and the people who take it seriously.

“Short as life is, we make it still shorter by the careless waste of time.” – Victor Hugo.


  • You may not realize this, but people have the power to change the world. – Steven Morrissey

    I love that he quotes Morrissey, though it seems he doesn’t know the source of the quote. Or maybe he imagines he’s one of the handful of folks on the planet who get to call the man by his first name.

    • When asked why he bothered with such a picayune matter, Reese said “such a little thing makes such a big difference.”

  • Ridgewaycynic2013

    I wish to point out to the late Mr. Hugo that looking for oddly shaped potatoes that look like celebrities on the web is not a ‘careless waste of time’ to all of us. At least it’s less wasteful than reading the Niagara Falls Reporter.

  • The more I think about it, I think you hit the nail on the head with the “self-hating Democrats” comment. That certainly describes Mr. Peter Reese for his entire “career” in politics.

    I remember him back when Joe Crangle was the chairman. He was the same back then. He never was there working in the trenches or anything like that. He would just sit on the sidelines and moan, whine, and generally complain about stupid little things and ALWAYS against Democrats – much like this county seal thing. He never went after Republicans.

    I seriously do not know of any successes in politics that Reese had over all these years. Maybe that’s why he is a Pigeon stooge. They both just do not have much electoral success to show for all their hand-wringing, knee-jerking, and obsession with attacking Democrats.

    I was at a fundraiser a few years back, and Reese was there. He didn’t donate any money to the Democratic candidate. He just barged in saying he was a Democratic committeeman so he didn’t have to pay.

    So we start to talk and he rips into Democratic party leaders – and the Democratic candidate who the event was being held for – and the Democratic candidate was standing right there. Just a few feet away. So I mention to Reese that all his negativity over the years hasn’t resulted in much. I’ve been around, I mention, and just don’t see any success for all his efforts.

    “You want to step outside,” he snaps. “I’ll beat the living shit out of you right here,” he thunders. I knew right then and there that this guy had a screw loose.

    God help this man’s family. I really think Reese is not only a “self-hating Democrat.” He pretty much is hate filled. Very sad.

  • Others are doing it, so it must be OK.

    • Mike, I believe the point is Reese only targets one person, when he should target the others as well. GOPers Ed Rath and Tim Howard have been mentioned.

  • Poloncarz made a minor inappropriate mistake, and fixed it. Thanks for letting us know in the most aggresive and petty way possible.

  • It is pretty odd, Alan…and petty, this whole matter.
    So when can we expect the next blog on something actually worth thinking about?
    TBN is a wasteland today. I was hoping….

  • Way back in the day I used to have some respect for Reese as he was part of a group of reformers who tried to change the way the local Dems operated. In recent years he has become an obnoxious, cynical bag of hot air. So sad.

  • You know what would be nice? if local politicians would use local companies for hosting their websites. It isn’t that it will make or break a local business but more of supporting those who pay your salary.

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