Rejected “Trico Saved!” Headlines

Krog Wipes Away Controversy

Monument to Lost Jobs Saved

Docs Nixed, Bricks Fixed

Trico “Really Ties the City Together” 

This Hotel Matters

Trico Saved #ForReal

Mayor Brown Makes Decision

As an aside, Krog intends to demolish the older, stone icehouse portion of the Trico building. I’d be shocked if he didn’t get massive pushback from genuine preservationists on that point. I’m sure he’ll just need to retain the right people as “consultants” on the job and any potential problems will dissolve. 


  • Why snark a good thing?

    • Mostly because I have a sense of humor and of the preservationists I know, few of them do.

      • You must not know any real preservationists like the people I have worked with for the past 30+ years. I am a hands on preservationist, completed an award winning restoration of a Federal Style house built in 1830 that was slated for demolition. Invested my own time, energy, and dollars into the project and had a great time in the process. Met many good people, all had a “sense of humor” and all were solidly on the left. BTW, Never met a right wing preservationist.
        Your experience appears to be with a different sort, maybe your exposure has been to the small minority of talkers not doers. Come on down to the rock sometime so we can show you what real preservation is about.

      • I just flew here from the National Preservation Conference in Savannah, GA — and boy are my arms tired!

  • I guess the headline Bedenko eats crow is out too.

    • To the extent that my preference that the medical campus be allowed to develop land adjacent to it, yes I suppose I “lost”. I still maintain that Trico is an eyesore that serves mostly as a tombstone for lost industry and a monument to nostalgia.

      Build something new every once in a while. It wouldn’t kill anyone.

      • Fair enough. Though they have been building new things at the Medical campus every once in a while lately. A while being every month.

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