Erie County Republicans Support Free Tuition for All

I applaud the Erie County Republican Committee’s efforts to make a college education free for all in-state children. The problems that the students in this video identify are all wholly solvable through legislation, and I’m sure that our local Republican delegation is working feverishly to ensure that every New Yorker attending a state school gets the free quality education that our post-industrial society requires. 


  • You’re right, this is entirely about concern for the rising costs of college and definitely not about hurting Cuomo politically or racist dog-whistling.

  • Anybody see the middle class white girl on Channel 4 claiming she “would rather go to jail than take on a 100k student loan”? Seriously? Go for it honey, your room is ready and if you thought college roommates can be a challenge wait until you meet your new roomie in the big house.

  • “I do not think that means what you think that means.” ~ Inigo Montoya

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