Carl the RINO and Donny’s Shovel

1. Tea Party Champion Carl Paladino: 

Who better to lead a protest than a perpetually incensed, elderly millionaire? What better thing to protest than “socializing” America? Who better to “send a message that RINO’s [sic] who support an elected Democrat…have no place in the…Republican Party”? How about the developer millionaire who was a registered Democrat for 31 years, until 2005, and who donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to convenient Democrats who were positioned to help his business goals? He attended a Democrat’s fundraiser just this year. Oh, and this from the Buffalo News

Speaking of Paladino, several of the 2010 Republican candidate for governor’s companies recently dropped $9,000 on Erie County Democratic Chairman Jeremy Zellner’s housekeeping account, according to campaign finance records. This occurs even after Zellner moved Democratic Headquarters out of Paladino’s Ellicott Square.

“I’m supportive of Jeremy’s efforts,” Paladino said last week. “When it comes to good government, it’s what we do. We support both parties’ central operations to do the right thing.”

Who better to lecture Patrick Lee and Anthony Gioia on who is and isn’t a “RINO” than a self-anointed tea party hero who has given thousands of dollars to Democrats in just the past year? 

2. Buffalo News Columnist Donn Esmonde: 

It’s called “objectophilia“. 

As I grasped your handle and cupped your lean, strong shaft of a body in my left hand, I silently celebrated all of the times, over all of the years, we had done this together.

Donn Esmonde, to his snow shovel. I think the shovel swore out an order of protection. 

3. Bonus thing to Read

From the Harvard Business Review, “It’s Not OK That Your Employees Can’t Afford to Eat“. 

It wasn’t that long ago that in most companies, especially large ones, a fair amount of time was spent worrying about whether the company’s practices towards employees were fair. One of the functions of human resource departments was to advocate for the interests of employees.

The motivation wasn’t entirely altruistic. Since WWI, employers figured they could keep unions out by giving employees virtually all of the wage and benefits they would have gotten from joining unions. Even without that concern, though, the leadership of the company considered it part of their job to strike a balance between the other demands on the business and the needs of employees.  They were one of the important stakeholders in the business, along with customers, shareholders, and the community around them…

…A family of four with one breadwinner is eligible for food stamps if they earn less than $2500 per month. That is the equivalent of a $15 per hour job and a 40 hour work week.  The government has determined that full-time workers earning less than that do not have enough money to feed their families on their own. If that breadwinner earns less than $16 per hour, they are also eligible for Medicaid assistance to provide healthcare. Depending on where they live, that breadwinner is also eligible for subsidies to help pay for housing.

Pre-haunting Scrooge is no way to go through life, and no way to run a country. 


  • In a real sense, there are no Republicans in Erie County anyway. A real Republican wouldn’t give that dipshit Higgins a ripped dollar to wipe his bloody hole. All he’s done is presided over the continuing crumbling of Buffalo, and it’s constant state of “Neediness” to big government. Donn Esmonde—-How does that guy continue to keep his job—heh heh heh, he said “Shaft”.
    My HS German teacher, who had been in the Hitler Youth, taught me an important lesson about life—LIFE IS NOT FAIR. It’s never been fair, and it’s not designed to be. Why the left spends all the time they do worrying about “Fairness” is beyond me. Applying “Fairness” to every situation does not make them so—and it won’t in the future.

  • Bauerle yesterday: “Gioia throwing a fundraiser for Higgins is like Alan Bedenko throwing one for me.”

  • Too bad “Hank’s” German teacher didn’t explicate the concept of right wing Fascism and what happens to a nation when the values therein are prioritized over humanitarian/Liberal ideals -or- right wing authoritarian personality disorder and what happens to a nation when this turns into a collective pathology due to [Arab and Australian] fifth column/corporate propagandizing [faux news (sic)] of a society that at one point aspired to be “Great” -or- the fact that the collective attitude propelling Germany’s right wing party into power was the transmogrified mass-channeling of perceived international injustices -UNFAIRNESS!- toward post WW1 Germany; Did we win the wars, yet [faux news drone]? [ “because he believed her to be a “RINO,” or a Republican in Name Only.” ]

  • Carl, Tea Party members are not Republicans. One of the best, Dwight David Eisenhower would have no use for the likes of you.
    Another of the best, General Collin Powell resigned and quit service to our country because of Tea Party mentality.
    Alan…knock off the use of “elderly” when talking about old white guys like Paladino. It pisses me off and you yourself will be there in the blink of an eye. Elderly or old is not supposed to be a derogatory word. Just how old are you Alan? Come clean.

    • @RH – I don’t see what you’re complaining about. It looks as though he uses that label when he feels it’s appropriate – such as for Paladino and Sandy Beach.

      Hillary Clinton is 66, a year younger than Paladino at 67. How many times next year after she turns 67 will Hillary ever be referred to as “elderly” in posts here? None. Same for Joe Biden now 71 or John Kerry now 70.

      It looks like a similar approach as a Democrat not criticizing Republicans who support Democrat Brian Higgins but attacking Republicans who don’t strongly enough oppose Democrat Byron Brown when neither Higgins nor Brown are facing a quality opponent.

      Or attacking one’s member of congress for having essentially identical views about a proposed Iran nuclear deal as does one’s senior U.S. senator who isn’t attacked.

      “Elderly” will stay defined as one year older than Hillary’s age ever is and only to be mentioned for people of differing views. Harmful partisanship and reckless foreign policy will be labeled as such in any way that criticizes whomever one wants to criticize. It’s all consistent in that way.

        • I didn’t say elderly is inaccurate about Paladino at 67.

          I noted you’ll point to old ages of people who you dislike or with whom you disagree (such as him and Beach), while I think you’d never ever write it in a similar way about 66 year old Hillary Clinton when in 2014 she reaches Paladino’s current age. True?

          Nor do you use the elderly label when mentioning Louise Slaughter (now 84, so for 17 years she’s been Paladino’s current age or above), or Pelosi (73), Reid (74), Biden (71), Kerry (70), etc.

          I don’t know Lenihan’s age but I’d think also well into his 60s.

          Doesn’t that make it seem like writing “elderly” to demean or degrade some targets, rather than to inform?

          • Yes. I mean to insult horrible people whom I detest. I hope that clears it up for you!

          • It wasn’t unclear, I was just noticing the irony.

            It’ll make it even more amusing if/when any outraged complaints of ageism start happening from the D side toward any who point out that in 2016 she’ll be an “elderly” person near age 70 and Biden even older.

            (sorry for deletes above – replied first in wrong spot.)

      • I was just jerking Alan’s chain starrbuck

        • I realized that, RH, just added my different take using yours as a launching pad. I wasn’t really trying to change your mind about anything.

          • It wasn’t unclear, I was just noticing the irony.

            It’ll make it even more amusing if/when any outraged complaints of ageism start happening in the D side toward any who point out how in 2016 she’ll be an “elderly” person near age 70 and Biden even older.

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