Sometimes you come across things that defy explanation. My favorite is the use of an image of what is clearly somewhere in or around Rochester. 


  • No doubt Alan—In the late 50’s/early 60’s, my parents were so used to not having the Thruway (and pops didn’t want to pay the toll) we always took 33 (then called “out Genesee St”) all the way to Rochester. Makes you wonder who put the video together—The music must be an acquired taste–I thought it sounded awful.

  • If I’m looking at that shot right, that’s the Rochester institution known as Nick Tahoe’s just beyond the overpass.

  • If they went a little further east maybe they could have convinced Marshawn Lynch Buffalo really is a suburb of NYC

  • Christopher Cappelli

    Hahaha I wrote that song as a joke 4 or 5 years ago so I wouldn’t take it too seriously. I’m well aware that the 33 sign was not from Buffalo. It was the only image that I could find of a “33” sign at the time.

  • This is awesome. I love the beat.

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