Rob Ford, Buffalonian

Channel 2 anchor Mary Alice Demler met Toronto’s figurehead mayor Rob Ford at the Bills game yesterday and came away thinking he’s a troubled guy with a sweet punim

A man who was until recently entrusted – the city council stripped Ford of almost all of his powers by an overwhelming margin a few weeks ago – with running one of the largest and most vibrant cities in North America, has not merely descended into self-parody. He is the subject of a massive police investigation into crack-dealing Etobicoke gangs, may be implicated in some homicides, and has lied to his constituents about his crack use and otherwise embarrassed himself, his family, his political party, and his city. The guy is a mess who should have been removed from office a month ago

But because the Bills played a game in Toronto yesterday (that socialist hellhole has more people and money than WNY), everyone pretended like everything was normal. Under normal circumstances, Channel 2 would be “holding people in power accountable” and wondering how Ford got a ticket and how much he paid. 

But technically speaking, Ford is no longer “in power”, so Channel 2 can leave it to the Star, CP24, the Globe & Mail, CityTV, the CBC, CTV, and other media up there to hold him “accountable”. 


She deleted the original Tweet, so here’s Buffalo Rising’s re-Tweet of it.

The Bills are so shockingly popular in Toronto that a whopping 40,000 people showed up to watch them lose to Atlanta. The Rogers Centre has a football capacity of 54,000; the Ralph can fit almost 75,000. Let’s keep trying to make fetch happen.

But it’s good to know everyone can overlook shocking criminality and a Mayor who apparently stole someone else’s seat and tell us he’s a sweetheart who squeezed himself into a Bills jersey because he’s been effectively stripped of the powers of his real job. 

But he sort of looks like he belongs here, so maybe we should gush over him. He eats chicken wings, after all. 


  • Kinda reminds me of FAUX News….Hot chicks…..but then they open their mouths and speak….

  • LOL Rob Ford is hilarious, The Human Train wreck, now I will sit and wait for someone to tell me I don’t know what I’m “Talking About” based on my name

  • Maybe Maryalice thinks he’s a swell guy because he promised to eat her…umm…chicken wings

  • “Not what I expected”. What exactly did MaryAlice actually expect? That Ford was going to burn her with a crack pipe and then pass out in his seat? If true, then why in hell did she even approach the man in the first place?

  • Toronto is a “socialist hellhole”… honestly? The fact that this accusation is followed by your acknowledgement of the city’s success just goes to show how stupid your claim is. Despite their (ex-)mayor’s ridiculous errors they’re still succeeding far beyond Buffalo – if anything we should look up to their city management. The point: their mayor is literally on crack and the city is more wealthy and populated (and growing and innovating like crazy) than our capitalist hellhole south of the border.

    • Ridgewaycynic2013

      Might I suggest you read more of Bedenko’s work. His irony and sarcasm can fool you into thinking he’s being sincere when he’s really making a point or reflecting on an earlier misconception.

    • It was a fucking joke. Get over yourself.

    • This is gold.

    • What do you expect if you continue to take endorsements from

      For the most part this is the party that has controlled Erie County. And I’m not saying the Erie County Republicans are saints either.

      All you have to do is look at past performance to get a drift of why Buffalo wasn’t growing at a steady clip compared to other areas of the United States.

      • I am a little tired of this old refrain – that Democrats have destroyed Rust Belt cities like Buffalo and Detroit.

        Leaving aside the verifiable truth that America’s economy tends to do better as of late under Democratic presidents, the Rust Belt cities got clobbered by the end of the industrial era and the ongoing war against our working class – for which we can mostly thank the GOP.

        NYC and San Francisco tend to be Democrat-dominated also. How are their economies looking?

        • While the industrial era was changing the controlling political party was not proactive.

          Plus locally we can see can easily review to see why the cost of living and doing business in Erie County is expensive compared to other areas of the USA. We can’t even make cuts in salaries/benefit costs because of monopolies given to groups of government employees.

          Last the Erie County Democrats supported President Obama hook like and sinker. Because of their agenda a lot of people are losing their health coverage and/or their health care cost is going up.

          • Never let it be said that there isn’t a complicated topic that wnyresident can’t oversimplify, and in so doing, get wrong.

          • So lets stick with the GOP idea….screw the little guy and if he doesn’t have healthcare let em go to the Emergency room (which the rest of us pay for) or just die….That the problem with you conservatives…..all you can do is parrot….never backed up by fact…..

      • Even the conservative parties operating in Ontario and Toronto are much farther to the left than the Erie County Democratic Committee.

        I knew you’d come around.

  • Let’s not ignore this one, either, from the Buffalo Niagara Twitter feed, that has since been deleted

    • He really does look like Chris Farley. But not the SNL-era Chris Farley, more like the Dirty Work/Almost Hero’s bloated and near-death Chris Farley.

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