Stuffing Waffles

Next week is Thanksgiving, during which we give thanks for our good tidings in a reasonably non-theistic way. Over the years, I’ve come to the realization that roasted turkey sort of sucks. It’s not whether it comes out dry or moist – it’s just that it’s a somewhat flavorless bird whose preparation we often overcomplicate. Remember a few years ago when everyone was buying the massive Ziploc bags and brine kits from Williams Sonoma? All it did was make the bird exquisitely salty. 

My wife agrees with me about turkey, so we’ve been known to substitute out a lobster dinner or a beef Wellington or something because you don’t need a turkey to give thanks, and even Tevye was pragmatic enough to eschew tradition. 

I do, however, enjoy the accouterments – the stuffing, the cranberry sauce, gravy and whatnot that goes with the turkey. But to top it all off, I came across a recipe in Serious Eats (from which I got the whole Kettlepizza/Baking Steel idea) that we are absolutely trying next week, and I pass it along to you, so it might become “viral” as the kids say. 

Stuffing waffles. Not stuffing made from waffles – waffles made from stuffing. Here is what they look like, served with some gravy and maple syrup (because maple syrup goes wonderfully with many savory foods): 

Via Serious Eats

Writer Kenji Lopez-Alt’s favorite Thanksgiving thing is stuffing, and his favorite part of the stuffing are the crispy edges. So, if you take a sausage stuffing recipe and use it in a waffle iron – presto, you get the best thing the best way. The article that describes the process is here.  Here is the recipe for the process itself. Here is the recipe for the underlying sausage stuffing recipe. Here is the recipe for his simple turkey gravy

Enjoy and let me know if you try it and how it comes out.


  • Turkey and chicken have evolved (through questionable raising/feeding procedures) over the years to basically tasteless all white meat birds. When I was young in the 60’s both were much more flavorful. Now you can barely tell the white from the dark meat

  • Get a fresh, naturally raised heirloom turkey. Make your own brine, I like using Guinness and Barley Malt Syrup. This is a very good recipe from Bon Appetit –

  • I’ve been making waffles out of leftover mashed potatoes for a while now. Pretty, pretty, pretty good.

  • Interesting concept. My friend Marty Olshanski came up with a killer leftover stuffing sandwich—Rye toast, re-warmed stuffing, blue cheese dressing—- having sausage and regular stuffing at our dinner in Myrtle Beach next week—-going to print this off and give it a try.

  • Going from one thread to another has shown me that gun-toting conservatives and government-loving liberals and can find common ground, and it is over stuffing waffles. I urge you to send this recipe to Obama and Boehner immediately.

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