“I Am Sickened By This”: Right Wing EmoCringe

Here is a perfect example of knee-jerk, fact-free, emotional, feeling-based hatred of Obama. There’s something sickening, alright, but it isn’t the supposed absence of “enough flags for Rus Thompson to not become physically ill”. 


The outrage grows: 

WHERE IS THE FLAG? Our correspondent is sickened!


Voice of reason criticizes getting “crazy”:

Forget the fact that Obama has a flag on his lapel, for God’s sake. There’s a flag embedded within the Presidential seal on the bug on the screen. The apparent optics of having a flag in the shot is so important to Rus Thompson that he says he becomes physically ill at its absence. This is, people, utter and sheer insanity. 

Diagnosis: Acute Obama Derangement Syndrome.

Prognosis: Poor.

RX: 10mg Chillaxa PRN


  • That image Jon Pohlman posted is clearly Photoshopped.

  • Like I always said……FOX has the hottest chicks in network news!!!!!!:-)…..then they open their mouths and speak………….:-(

  • I can’t recall ever seeing anti-American loon Rus Thompson anywhere near an American flag.

  • When Obama Speaks I do not EXPECT to see the Flag. He’s a “Citizen of the World” after all, just like Kerry. They both have more faith in the United Nations than the United States. Besides, isn’t the American Flag just another device to offend and anger our enemies? No need to do THAT.

    Even though he has done it, at least he had no “Mission Accomplished” sign behind him, eh? Putin echoed the sentiments of the world when he explained to Obama and the world that America is not Exceptional, we’re just like every other country. That was Obama’s main objective in seeking office, and he has succeeded. Our image has changed from Dominant Superpower to just another card in the deck.
    If you’re looking for an investment opportunity, you might do as I have done and buy Chinese Yuan. It’s the currency of the new superpower. And since Obama wants to raise the debt limit AGAIN—without making any cuts—the Chinese will be getting asked to shoulder more of our debt.

  • So Alan I’m just wondering how a dress-up playing fettisher like Russ Thompson gets any press at all?

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