Defunct Tim Kennedy Campaign Account Donates $45,000

As noted last week, state Senator Tim Kennedy (who famously switched allegiances in 2010 to support a de facto Republican majority, Collins-puppet County Legislature, in order to, among other things, secure Conservative backing via Steve Pigeon for his Senate run against dinosaur Bill Stachowski) has donated tens of thousands of dollars to the questionably legal political action committee being led by Steve Pigeon and Kristy Mazurek. The “WNY Progressive Caucus PAC” has been supporting Democratic primary candidates who are opposed to Erie County Democratic Headquarters, such as turncoat Democrat Barbara Miller-Williams, Joyce Wilson Nixon, Rick Zydel, and Wes Moore. Indeed, there seems to be ample evidence to suggest that the PAC has been coordinating its activities with that of some of these campaigns, in contravention of the law. 

On September 5th, the 24 hour reports of big donations showed an influx of cash from “Kennedy for Senate”. 


Here is the first set of Tim Kennedy cash that the Mazurek/Pigeon/Max PAC reported: 

$45,000 from “Friends of Tim Kennedy” – an account that has been inactive since 2011

The most recent activity for “Friends of Tim Kennedy” shows a balance of $8.61. 

So, if the account had $8.00 in it and was inactive, how exactly did it re-appear and raise $40,000 just a few weeks ago? 

UPDATE: A correspondent with knowledge of Election Law emails this: 

Kennedy (probably both his committees) is in violation of the campaign finance law for failing to file two pre-primary reports disclosing his campaign contributions and expenses, including his contributions to the Pigeon / Mazurek PAC.  Once he starts to donate, he is “participating” in a primary election – and that triggers the obligation to file NOW (EL 14-102(1).  He’s going to pretend he doesn’t need to, and then try to just file his semi-annual report in January, claiming that he doesn’t have a primary and therefore doesn’t have an obligation to file.
Also, here’s video of Steve Pigeon and Deputy Mayor Steve Casey meeting with Tim Kennedy a few years ago (FF to 0:35): 

That’s not all – people close to the Dearmyer campaign report that there have been phony pro-Dearmyer calls being made by people who are (a) not affiliated with her campaign; (b) not really supporting her and providing false information; and (c) being very rude when calling. This smells of this PAC. 


  • Time for the Board of Elections to step in and clean up this mess once and for all.

  • A71115

    Status = INACTIVE
    This filer was terminated on May 21, 2013

    Authorized Committee = KENNEDY FOR SENATE
    Authorized Committee ID = A71095

    Tim Kennedy must have a lot of “friends” – here’s another closed campaign account – closed on 5/21/13 – more than a little suspicious

  • Even i am blown away by the machinations.Alan why do media and public fail to see how this corrupts our election process?

    • Doesn’t Kennedy know that even if all his candidates win today, that Zellner will still be in power come endorsement time (and Primary time) next year?

      Also, doesn’t Kennedy realize that Steve Pigeon will be the Number One issue against him? Maybe Kennedy should call Chuck Swanick and ask Swanick how the Pigeon connection helped Swanick in 2012.

      What are they thinking?

  • The arrogance of politicians and their machines leads them to believe that no one will bother to look under the rocks for ruses like this. Why would anyone look into a defunct organization? Not so bright, but they’re gambling that the electorate isn’t either.

  • Totally shameless and repulsive

  • DysfunctionalEquivalent

    Friends of Tim Kennedy

  • DysfunctionalEquivalent

    sniff …. sniff …

  • Posted 18 hrs. ago …

  • NYS Board of Elections seems to only wake up when someone does not file on time. Have seen no evidence of them “enforcing” the rules at any time so why would Kennedy comply.

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