Nation Is In Decline Because of Morons


The Buffalo News gets letters. Every single sentence of this letter, written by a James Costa of Elma, Erie County, New York, USA, is a symphony of stupidity.

Mr. Costa is a retired teacher living in Elma, who once enjoyed hitchhiking, accepting handouts from hardworking Americans while he and his friend hoboed it across the country. He also used to troll the Topix Forum using colorful pen names such as “MILFMan”, and “Brillo Pad Headwhere he enjoyed tearing into librulz. (His posts are deleted, but you can see many of them in others’ blockquotes.) But the person who posted as “Brillo Pad Head” also has fond memories of teaching – in the public school system – and the joy he got from that calling. Weird dichotomy.

Here is the letter from this leech retired hypocrite public pension-receiving teacher:

To fulfill its promise of social and economic justice, liberalism must transfer power from the people to government.

What is the government? What is the government but us – people? We live in a representative democracy, where we are given the franchise to elect people to do what they believe to be in our best interests. If the people do not think the politician is doing this, they are free to elect someone else. The power is the people’s. Always. We just don’t wield it as often as we might.

By selling the concept of redistribution of wealth as “fairness,” social programs are created and expanded to capture new classes of dependents.

Well, any system that taxes people to pay for public things is redistributing wealth. Which is to say, every functioning state taxes people to pay for public things. Social programs? Assuming the retiree here is a Medicare and Social Security recipient, he is directly benefitting from our social safety net. Not only that, but as a retiree from the public school system in New York, he receives a public pension that is completely free from state income taxation. You can’t sit there on top of a pile of public cash and whine about redistributive policies.

Under the pretext of ensuring “clean” air and water, government further enhances its power by destroying industries through crushing environmental regulations, thus swelling unemployment and welfare rolls.

Got that? Potable water and breathable air are no longer goals for which we should aim. It is not the right of the individual to breathe clean air or drink clean water that is paramount – it is the right of “industries” to ruin the air and poison the water that is of primary importance in this person’s addled mind.

Its “man-made” global warming claim is a ploy to boost taxes on all energy.

I think that’s a swipe at “cap and trade” – a conservative-invented, market-based system of reducing emissions and pollution which the conservatives abandoned when Obama decided he thought it was a good idea, too.

When Obamacare is fully implemented, costs will skyrocket, services will be rationed, quality care will nosedive and meddling bureaucrats will gain unprecedented control of our lives.

Says the guy receiving free or massively discounted, taxpayer-provided single-payer public socialized medicine.

Recently the formerly great city of Detroit has declared bankruptcy. This tragedy is a microcosm of a national trend.

Hm. Not really.

Having intentionally created these proliferating economic time bombs, heroic liberalism will magically appear deus ex machina to save the country with loads of fiat money and new regulations.

Someone intentionally created a 60 year decline in the city of Detroit, whereby its population plummeted, abandoning it to move to the suburbs? Also, Mr. Costa seems to be a fan of the gold standard, which we abandoned two generations ago.

For decades liberals have been laying the foundation for a socialist America: They’ve demonized religion, polluted the airwaves, corrupted childhood innocence, sabotaged education and aborted millions of babies.

Polluting the airwaves is bad, but polluting the air is good. I don’t know how liberals have “demonized religion” or “corrupted childhood innocence” or “sabotaged education”, and I’m pretty sure people of all political persuasions have aborted all those babies. I’m guessing this guy has a problem with Hollywood, and maybe some other things perhaps reflected by his “Brillo Pad Head” pseudonym used in other fora.

They’ve weakened and demoralized the military with mixed genders.

Where is the evidence of that? What does he mean “mixed genders”? Women in the military? Gays in the military?

They (with complicit Republicans) have opened our borders to illegal aliens, further burdening our economy.

Immigrants – documented and undocumented – are not as massive a drain on the economy as people suspect.

They’ve promoted class envy and fomented racial hatred.

Says “Brillo Pad Head”.

They’ve smothered free speech with PC, and targeted the Second Amendment.

PC is political correctness – the notion that, e.g., if you say or write something that’s racist, you should be humiliated and criticized for it. PC is the notion that you should be accountable and responsible for what you write – for instance, Mr. Costa enjoyed referring to autistic kids as “retards” in the Topix exchange linked-to, above.

Welcome to the Utopia of “fundamental change.”

James Costa


You should immediately return your next Social Security check to the government, reject your next pension payment, pay the state taxes on what you’ve already received (that tax benefit is a direct subsidy from the taxpayers of New York), and forevermore pay every medical bill in cash and never submit to Medicare again.


  • The idea that “the people” have power over the government because we get to vote is obviously a bit problematic.

    He’s right about Detroit being a microcosm of national trends. Detroit is the future.

    • Not because of librulz, though.

      • Not in the sense that he’s talking about, no. But redlining, the FHA, and the suburbs were liberal creations. So was urban renewal/”negro removal.” And it was liberals who decided to pin the hopes of the poor to a dream of ever increasing economic growth rather than actually addressing structural inequality.

  • Good article Mr. Bedenko. In the future feel free to save yourself some time and simply insert my reply to Mr. Costa’s letter in the Buffalo News on-line edition.

    • I don’t read the Buffalo News’ comments if I can at all help it.

      • I can understand that! But it does provide an enlightening if somewhat chilling tutorial of where “the people’s” minds are really at.

        • RH,

          Everybody needs to read the commentary section … as an emetic. Just kidding. The ignorance and self-absorption of the masses is on full display. What’s frightening is that there is a red in tooth and claw hunger for a scapegoat. Read Jackson’s The Lottery.

      • You don’t enjoy Austin Hood’s unveiled misogyny, or the racial comments that make Buffalo look the Deepest Mississippi?

  • To Dorian Bedenko,

    You can play in my poker game anytime. In fact I am willing to send a limo for you. It is obvious whenever an article hits you hard or exposes you for the fraud you clearly are you invariably over react. It’s as if Mr. Costa were telling pretty much the truth and in your realization that your liberal BS philosophy is one big fraud, you look in the mirror daily and begin to see your own deterioration rapidly unfold, I think you have finally realized that liberalism is one massive mental disorder and your guilt is causing you to wither away. There isn’t a single item Mr. Costa stated that is close to be inaccurate and it comes from the confessions of an ashamed liberal. This honest man’s confession has led to the slow and painful destruction of Dorian Bedenko.

    • Matt Marcinkiewicz

      I’ll play in your game in his place, and I’m a socialist. Any stakes.

      • How can you play in an any stakes poker game if you are a socialist? Are you giving your fair share back to the “people” comrade? Of course you just might be a dumb socialist. Excuse me, but aren’t all socialists dumb? Pardon me again , the mope socialists are definitely not dumb.

    • And now we have someone else to break out The Manual Buzzer for…

    • Here’s the thing.

      You have absolutely nothing to say. You’ve posted about 5 comments to my posts, none of them having anything substantive to say about the post itself. You’re a troll. I fed you yesterday, but now I’m fascinated by just how little you have to express, aside from tired Limbaughesque talking points.

      I don’t know what the fuck a poker game has to do with anything. I don’t really care if you don’t like liberals. I don’t really care that you’re just another racist shit who loves what other racist shits have to say about things. I don’t care that you call me “Dorian” for whatever cockamamie reason you’ve conjured up in that syphilitic brain of yours.

      Assuming you’re a conservative – you’re too much of a chickenshit to use your real name, so we can’t really discern who you are or what you think – it’s my belief that just about everything you think about anything on this planet is wrong. Not just wrong, but completely misguided – I could repeatedly and perpetually try to convince you that 2+2=4, but you’d simply insist that math is a socialist plot to enslave the white race, and retort that I’m an asshole and the answer is 3.

      If you want to continue with this sort of thing, knock yourself out, but sooner or later you’ll find that your comments aren’t showing up anymore because really, you have nothing at all to say. Have a nice weekend!

      • To: Here’s da ting, fuckeddy, fuck, liberalz, etc.,
        And you don’t claim to understand my brilliant metaphors? As overrated as you may be, there are not two of your sycophantic followers that do not understand Dorian Bedenko. I have annointed you with a beautiful, rhythmical name that suits you. Why do you fight such a beautiful, appropriate name? This will be my final response to you, so treasure my words.
        I have learned the following in these few days. The website Art V

    • Nice misuse of a literary trope.

      Liberalism isn’t dying, capitalism is. Costa’s essay was pathetic in its exclusionary definition of things American, and his continued acceptance of his teacher’s pension disqualifies his commentary en toto. Your problem is that you wouldn’t know socialism even if you had a program guide telling you where to look. The true mental disorder is the blind boot licking of the imaginary gods of capitalism, Ayn Rand and Adam Smith, who distrusted unbridled greed and joint stock companies. Moreover, capitalism pushes an adolescent self-absorption which neglects the reality of the interconnectedness of people and things. To live in Costa’s world is to live in a world tainted with right wing hallucination, a nostalgic delusion regarding a world that never existed, and a thinly disguised nativism.

      Your post is a personal attack on Mr. Bedenko, nothing more. Try critiquing ideas and whether they comport with reality. You might reach a different conclusion.

  • It gets tiresome hearing the constant rag about “the government” as if it was some kind of bad rash. I pay under 50 bucks a quarter for my toilets to flush and water flow when I turn on the faucet. The odd time I need police help, they promptly come. The VA took care of my Dad until the day he died and medicare/medicaid gave both my parents a reasonable end of life. My son got a great public school education allowing him to be one of 2,500 out of 22,000 applicants admitted to a private college, and he is now well on his way to his PHD (err) Ph.D.

    It must suck to always look at things so negatively. I kind of feel sorry for people like this guy.

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