NY Times Says Buffalo is OK: Then This

You likely saw the New York Times article that was published Wednesday, explaining how Buffalo’s Niagara Falls Medical Campus was transforming the city for the better. It was all over Facebook and Buffalo Twitter yesterday. Well, this also happened:

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  • I really like that the NY Times portrayed Buffalo in a positive light just like everyone else. However, I wish it hadn’t been so poorly written and researched. There are several glaring (to me) issues. To any outsider, it looks as though Roswell Park is being built now, and quite smaller than any other listed new building in the article, when in fact it is the Clinical Research Center that is being added to our rather large campus. There is mention of Hauptmann-Woodward, but nothing about the Buffalo Life Sciences Complex which houses both UB research labs and Roswell research labs. These two buildings are easily twice the size of Hauptmann and opened a year later. There is zero mention of Canalside and all of the development that is being done downtown. Nothing about HarborCenter, which for now is the costliest development actually happening in Buffalo, and by mainly private funding. There is no mention that HarborCenter will make Buffalo the only place in the country that will have 3 NHL sized rinks in one place. My biggest problem with the article is that it reads like a campaign lit piece for our “wonderful” mayor. As you are aware, most of this development would have taken place without him in office, and would probably have happened faster without him. Buffalo is indeed fighting back. It would just be nice for an article like this to recognize ALL of the development going on instead of focusing on one part of it.

  • NYC could give a shit about Buffalo. Brian’s analysis was spot on. Prince Andrew probably asked them to do a fluff piece to make who has to be the most inept mayor in the city’s history look good when there is an election coming up.

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