Carlos Danger & IOKIYAR

Because everyone’s a puritan busybody, everyone will call on serial sexter Carlos Danger (aka Anthony Weiner) to pull out of the New York City mayoral race in the wake of new evidence of his horny behavior. Lost in this is that the only thing he’s known to have done is text dick pics to women who were willing participants in the sexting. I’m not condoning or condemning what he did any more than I condone or condemn whatever you want to do sexually. 

To the holy rollers who are all a-shocked and a-stunned, consider why Louisiana congressman David Vitter is still happily in congress and spouting off about “family values” despite being caught up in a prostitution scandal – involving actual sexual intercourse – and diapers. Why should that creep still be in office and Weiner be treated any differently? 

Yesterday, Howard Stern interviewed Alec Baldwin, and the two talked about Bloomberg, Weiner, and Spitzer. While Stern is a fan of Bloomberg’s, Baldwin is not, and expressed that he thinks the billionaire three-term mayor has made New York City a worse place to live for everyone except the ultra-rich. They then turned to Spitzer and Weiner, and rhetorically asked, “do you really think Spitzer wants to be New York City comptroller?” Baldwin suggested that they’re both so incredibly ego-driven that Weiner saw this race as his political comeback, and Spitzer – not to be outdone – thought, “why not me?” and entered his race at the 11th hour.  The argument was that both of them were in it for their own egos than for any desire to serve the public (and both Baldwin and Stern would be exquisitely in tune with that motivation). 

I’m not saying Spitzer and Danger should get a pass. On the contrary, I think their behavior calls their sincerity, maturity, and seriousness into question. But Weiner committed no crime, although Larry Craig may have. Spitzer did, but so did Vitter. Chris Lee’s shirtless Craigslist trolling was one notable exception of a Republican screwing up and getting the hell out of dodge, mostly because his white, elderly, conservative constituency would never go for that sort of thing. Why is there a double standard here whereby it’s ok if you’re a Republican

I don’t think that’s necessarily the way it works, and Lee proves it. What this does is harken back to the way in which the Supreme Court had treated broadcast indecency and obscenity cases – the law leaves it up to “community standards” to dictate what language is and isn’t acceptable. 

It therefore follows that community standards in New York City – a place where 8 million people are constantly in each other’s faces and privacy is at a premium – is going to have a different tolerance for nonsense than, say, East Amherst. Louisiana has a weird, permissive culture all its own – unique for the South – that Vitter can get away with diaper whoring. 

In the end, Weiner said there’d be more, and now there’s more. Don’t act so shocked. 


  • Want to save keystrokes when writing about both Weiner and Spitzer?

    It’s WEINTZER.

  • I’m not shocked—once a scuzzball, always a scuzzball. I just don’t feel comfortable with ANYONE—no matter what party, that admits they have no self control or self discipline making decisions with the taxpayer money. Bob Livingston quit. Vitter should have quit too. He’s a hypocrite. Nobody’s perfect. We all have flaws. But the mark of a person’s character is how they handle their personal Issues. If he got elected, would it be OK for the Mayor to be sending “Dick Pics” as you call them because “He just can’t help himself”. His lack of self control and self discipline are remarkable. Yet he has the balls to expect people to elect him. He had his time in public service, where most of the time he acted like the dick he took pictures of. He could find something else to do. NYC still has many problems, and the city needs someone who’s 24/7 thinking with the big head, not the little one. BTW, in a profile headshot he looks amazingly like Beavis.

  • Next thing we know, he’ll be “a principled and honorable guy”, like Eric Massa.

  • William Dhalgren

    I wonder if Vitter’s ever worn diapers on the floor of the Senate. Conservatives really are sick freaks.

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