Patriotism Run Amok

It’s not a good day for the self-described “patriot” movement. On the one hand, you have two bitter middle-aged men who decided to put their hatred to use, and decided to build a mobile death ray to kill Muslims and other undesireable ethnics in secret, while they slept.

The Tea Party is Totally Reasonable

Luckily, the synagogues that these two geniuses approached contacted the police, and the armchair terrorists were caught before they could do any harm. As an added bonus, one of them is a member of “Tea Party Patriots“, and named, pro-se, co-plaintiff on the lawsuit to repeal the NY SAFE Act – a lawsuit that is as clumsily written as you’d expect from a collection of pro-se litigants. Why would they think that Jewish congregations would be totally cool with committing mass murder and terrorism? 

On the other hand, a founder of the Arizona-based “Minuteman Militia”, which protects our country from an influx of dangerous brown people, stands accused of serial molestation of girls under the age of 10. 

Remember how the right wing had a conniption fit because the Obama White House dared to suggest that right-wing terrorism was a genuine threat to America?

Me, too.  


  • If these right-wing crazies want to use high-tech devices to kill lots of Muslims, they should get a job with Barack Obama’s drone program. Jeez, I hate it when amateurs try to horn in on the professionals.

  • I’m from Galway and lived there until the early 2000’s, I actually lived about 3 miles from where this wingnut lived (he’s at 171 Hinds Road Galway 12074 for all the google map addicts). It’s mostly a podunk cowtown where, sadly, I can’t say this guy is an isolated thinker. The area is cock full of white-bread Republican open racists who cling to their FOX based rhetoric while drinking Natty Ice and driving around in their rusted out early 90’s F150 with a gun rack in the window, and a NoBama and 2nd Amendment bumpersticker

    Glad I got out when I did

  • I hear these guys were both avid supporters of the original Clarence School District Budget.

  • Disaffected Tim McVeigh wannabes in search of a cause and their own truth.

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