Baseball Season

Now, Carl Paladino has won elected office and can no longer just throw stones. Now? He has to produce tangible results. 

The Buffalo schools are a huge problem, and I wish the new board – including Mr. Paladino – well in their efforts to bring about positive changes. We’ll see if the baseball bat approach works, I reckon. 

It will also be interesting to watch Mr. Paladino’s interaction with the superintendent’s office, but also with the Special Assistant to the Superintendent for Community Relations. 


  • The research has shown that community schools have a tremendous number of benefits. However, I don’t believe that the savings will be as great as Carl seems to believe, as that transiency and poverty go hand in hand. We will likely always have issues in busing our students. Additionally, while there is a need for a massive overhaul of the suspension system, there seems little appetite to provide the resources needed to make any of the alternatives work.

  • Jesse Griffis

    The bitterness is palpable here. Despite Alan’s best efforts, Carl keeps on keepin’ on. That’s gotta be frustrating.

    • Not frustrating at all. Just sad.

      What other racist loudmouths with no qualifications or stake in the school system might the citizens of Buffalo elect to lead it?

      And people wonder why the city continues to lose population.

      • MichaelRCaputo

        Just think of it as a full employment program for pundits… 😉

      • Paladino has a significant stake in the school system as a landlord pulling in public education dollars from the charter schools he rents property to.

      • This looks more like bitterness than sadness:

        And people wonder why the city continues to lose population.

        The town of Clarence which has been gaining population voted for Paladino over Cuomo, 70% to 24%. (8,743 to 2,919 out of 12,419 votes)

        That’s a similar margin to what Paladino won by yesterday, 79% to 20%.

        The city’s population loss estimated by the Census has actually greatly slowed in years since Paladino started running for office. I’m not saying there’s cause and effect in that of course, but to say the opposite and attribute Buffalo’s longer term population loss to a city district being willing to elect Paladino to something – while ignoring that growing Clarence supported him by a similar margin for a much more important office – does looks bitter and frustrated.

        Speaking of which, anyone or everyone who may have cheered on the illegal direct mail smears against Jay McCarthy and James Sampson might today also be sad, bitter, and/or frustrated by their victories Tuesday. Those mailings slung mud at McCarthy, Sampson, and Byron McIntyre by accusing them of being “cronies” of a “serial pornographer” and associating them with someone else’s admitted adultery. Good to see that the mailings apparently backfired in most of the contests for which they were sent.

  • I predict this leads to the end of the world as Carl gets disgusted with the ineffectiveness of his own public service, puts his own name up on a billboard on one of his dilapidated buildings and we all get sucked into a black hole…

  • Produce tangible results? Since when has any politician around here needed to do that to get re-elected?

  • Alan: Not only does he have to produce results, he has to learn how to get along with others instead of acting like a 10 year old brat. That means, Mr. Paladino, no more displays like you put on at a board meeting a few months ago.

    Penny to a pound he doesn’t last his whole term without doing SOMETHING stupid. It’s in his DNA. And that can NEVER be changed.

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