As it turns out, Boston Marathon bombing suspect #1, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, was indeed influenced by an enigmatic, extremist hate group. 

Alex Jones’ “infowars” – the go-to radio show and website for ignorant, disaffected lunatics who see conspiracy everywhere. To call Jones fans the lunatic fringe would be unfair to the comparably responsible and informed members of the lunatic fringe. It would be funny if it wasn’t so frightfully bellicose and didn’t incite violence.



  • Wow.

    So, a single sentence claiming (without specific attribution) that Tsarnaev “took an interest in Infowars” is enough to get Alan to post a public whine about it, claiming Infowars incites violence (again, without specific attribution. In this case, in fact, linking to an article where Alex Jones says his site & show are “anti-terrorist” and saying nothing whatsoever about inciting violence).

    But hey, any opportunity to rail against Infowars fits in Alan’s worldview, so I guess this makes sense. Never mind the dozen other paragraphs talking about how the guy allegedly got radicalized by a buddy of his, decided music was off-limits in Islam, blah blah blah… HEY, WE GOT A SENTENCE THAT SAYS HE LISTENED TO INFOWARS! GET ‘EM!!

  • At the gym where I work out an Alex Jones acolyte brings his cell phone into the sauna, asks if it’s ok with everyone then blasts the ridiculous radio show in a room half the size of a tool shed. I had never heard of the show before but the dopey paranoid chattering of this Alex Jonesophile (white male in his mid to late 30’s) tells me exactly what it’s all about. In the 70’s we had a guy named Jim Jones….

  • Not inspired by an anti-Islam internet video?
    Seriously–no mention of Tsarnaev’s radical Islamist Jihad inspiration permitted on this site.
    That might spoil Barry’s meme that we have al Qaeda “on the run”.
    Better that he be a tax protesting Teabagger, as announced by Chris Matthews and David Axelrod.

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