Obama, Satan, and Spelling

Ha ha! A tee vee show about a 2,000 year-old work of fiction hired a Moroccan actor to play a fictional bad guy, and he looks sort of like President Obama! Let’s talk about this! This is important business! Can you imagine? The devil looks like Obama! Well, more accurately – the guy the producers hired to play the “devil” resembles President Obama.

This must be important because even WBEN is talking about it! And the comments from people who are apparently not at all embarrassed to use their own names are predictably ignorant and hateful. Also, spelling. 


Get me out of here. 


  • Ridgewaycynic2013

    OK, the guy does resemble Obama…Dubya resembles a cross between Curious George and Howdy Doody. I wonder how many of the knuckle dragging posters over there actually DO believe it’s “proof positive” that B.O. is the Prince of Darkness?

  • Does one need to fail a basic literacy and spelling test to post some urbane witticism on WNRA’s facebook page? Wow, slap yourselves.

  • Lets see….how did the Shrub himself describe it…..”You can fool me once……fool me twice……..WONT GET FOOLED AGAIN”……..

  • Glad you were able to get a gratuitous shot in at the bible and people’s beliefs. The real story is that the Bible series is killing in the ratings proving again that there is a market for this type of programming but Hollywood and liberals are such snobs toward anyone with religious convictions that they are shocked every time a religious-themed entertainment product is a hit.

    • Maybe you THINK there is, but I sure as hell don’t see it.

      And consider, too, that the miniseries’ producers are ON RECORD as saying that the Bible should be taught in public schools as a primary document of Western civilization. Uhhhh….yeah. THAT will go over very well.

  • Anything beats having to talk about the 10th anniversary of the Iraqi invasion and we all know what an angst riddent exercise that is for the chest beaters.

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