Assemblyman Says Cuomo is like Hitler, Mussolini

Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin likens Governor Cuomo’s use of “messages of necessity” to Hitler and Mussolini.

Under Article III, Section 14 of the New York State Constitution, a bill must be printed and on members’ desks in final form at least three (3) legislative days before it can be voted on for passage, unless the governor issues what is called a “message of necessity”. To do so, the governor certifies that an immediate vote is necessary on the bill once it reaches members’ desks in final form. No amendments are allowed, and a vote is to take place immediately.

In 2011, McLaughlin voted 17 times in favor of bills sent up as messages of necessity. In 2012, he did so on four of the five messages sent up by Cuomo, including the Tier VI pension plan, redistricting and an expanded DNA database for criminals.

In 2011, Cuomo issued 29 messages of necessity and used it five times last year, according to NYPIRG—the fewest number of times in recent history.

Nothing about the message of necessity takes away the legislature’s right to act, to debate, or to vote as a representative, deliberative body on the bill. The Brennan Center has targeted unnecessary messages of necessity as being ripe for criticism, noting that between 1997 – 2001, almost 30% of bills received one.

However, criticizing an overused constitutional provision for the fact that legislators have inadequate time to review and amend bills is one thing. Likening that to the horrors of National Socialism and fascism is a completely different thing, altogether.

Watch this, and note WNY Assemblywoman Jane Corwin’s reaction.

How many messages of necessity did Hitler sign, anyway?

Perhaps not as dumb as he seems, McLaughlin apologized later in the day.


  • “shut up and vote”

    This clown never received better advice in his entire career

  • “Watch this, and note WNY Assemblywoman Jane Corwin’s reaction”……..What reaction?  Rememeber we are talking about a woman legislator who does not legislate…..who is mearly a rubber stamp for her party…..who shows to vote, as told to,  and then goes home to her 1% life in Spaulding Lake

  • Yes, Godwin’s Law strikes yet once more. But here’s another question: why aren’t NYS Democrats–in the legislature and out–complaining more about this? It does seem to be the case that good liberal Democrats don’t tend to get upset at Democrats moving toward authoritarian procedures and policies–like President Obama’s claim that he has the right to assassinate US citizens, without judge, jury, or even specification of a broken law. Until Democrats start understanding why right libertarians object to these things, or why they have a problem with what happened at Ruby Ridge and Waco, our liberties will continue to be eroded.

  • Take advantage of a noteworthy event to consolidate the State’s power and ram through a policy which might not have gotten approval with serious deliberation.

    Sounds a bit more similar to the Verordnung des Reichspräsidenten zum Schutz von Volk und Staat (Reichstag Fire Decree) than NY Dems seem willing to admit.

    And no, McLaughlin did not say Cuomo “is like Hitler, Mussolini”. Click your own imbedded video for what he did say, which was that Hitler, Mussolini and Moscow would be proud of the tactic.

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