Happy Christmas. War is Over.

Posting has been light because everything comes across as somewhat insignificant lately. David Bellavia is filling in for Sandy Beach on WBEN this week, and he had me on for two segments to talk about guns, mental health, assault weapons, and Newtown. Bellavia is about as conservative as anyone can get, and we disagree about almost everything – but he is rational, and willing to engage in a discussion. This is a good thing. 

I saw another WBEN host asked his listeners why they own guns. One of the popular answers was, “because it’s my right”. Well, you also have a right to free press, but you don’t write for a newspaper, much less own one. You also have a right to freely exercise your religion, but fewer and fewer people do so, much less lead a parish. You have a right to freely assemble and to petition your government, yet people are woefully disconnected from government lately. 

It also didn’t go unnoticed that people’s attention spans quickly pivoted from what happened in Newtown to the revised terms of service for a cost-free social photo sharing mobile application. Way to keep your eyes on the ball, America. 

My friend Brendan Burke posted this to his Facebook timeline a few days ago, and I’ll leave it here. I think there’s a lot of truth in it. 

This is a public service announcement for anybody who is paranoid about their right to bear arms being taken away as a result of strict regulation. Especially to those from the “from my cold dead hands” camp: Your country has already been taken, my friends. Bank of America, Citi, Chase, Goldman Sachs, Walmart, McDonalds, Exxon. You do not own anything. You lease or rent, you live in hock, your police are militarized, your children are filled with fear and mistrust. You can not fly without taking your shoes off, and then get banged out financially for a carry on bag. Your jobs are outsourced, your wages are stagnant and in many cases dwindling as the cost of living rises, your unions are shot, your healthcare is crushing you with debt, your school is crushing you with debt. You have ZERO ownership of your everyday lives and as a result, have less freedom today than you’ve ever known. Your evil government doesn’t need guns to defeat you, and your guns are no match for the pervasive and poisonous effect that Wall Street has on your congress.

You have lost your country, precisely because you thought your gun was protecting you and your family. You will never win a pitched battle against what the military industrial complex (that you pay into) can deliver in 3 minutes right to your home. In my opinion, its time to use that great big beautiful mind that has been afforded to you by living in such a provident country and dream all night and day of ways to strategically take it back from Wall Street and those moneyed lobbies that infiltrate congress and those whom you elect to “lead” you.


  • Amen brother. You Gunnutzers stand on your porch with that AR-15 and set up the Bushmaster in your hedges. That’ll keep the government’s drones from wiping out you and your entire block. Oh wait. The corporate eduprivatizing, outsourcing, money stealing complex has this game in the victory kneel down play and these dopes all think they’re going to come back with a hail mary and a box of ammo. Use your brains folks. Great message, figures the guy’s Irish.

    •  I heard Bellavia fill in for Bauerle a couple weeks ago and though I do not agree with much he has to say it sure was a pleasant surprise from that other goof.    I also agree with Sean, what are you doing holed up in your basement?  I saw a show about people buying doomsday bunkers.  One company is selling one per day!  No idea what they cost but they are tricked out with all the amenities needed to survive until you are fraught with disease from the carcasses of the rest of us.

  • “Way to keep your eyes on the ball, America.”  – I’d posit that the media saturation from 24/7 onsite reporting by the cable news networks has a lot to do with our short attention span.

    They cover things so tightly and in such dramatic and heavy-handed fashion, that people tune out quickly due to being overwhelmed.

    The period between “Wow, what a horrible, profound, and transformative event” to “Enough already, talk about something else” in this country is roughly 96 hours.

    •  Which, sadly, is part of the reason why we’re not going to get anywhere with gun control.

      It took Australia 12 days after the Port Arthur massacre to get gun reform passed. We’ll be lucky if it takes 12 MONTHS in this country.

  • Didn’t catch him this week but when I’ve heard him, Bellavia is a big upgrade over any WBEN current local hosts. 

    Beach’s show – between him and his format with reading off so many Facebook comments – is just way past being listenable.  Hard to believe there’d be any ratings loss if they’d replace him with Bellavia or Dobson.

  • bellavia did you a huge favor by talking you up, but I see nothing special just more libitard dribble…

  • bellavia said alan was open minded, dave is an american hero alan is american zero, and artvoice is good for one bowel movement that about it, oh maybe in a pinch I would wipe with it…

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