Scumbag Buffalo

The “Scumbag Steve” internet meme

Scumbag Steve is an image macro series featuring a kid with a sideways fitted cap standing in a hallway. The overlaid text generally centers around unethical behavior regarding drugs, partying, and other hedonistic behaviors.


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Yesterday, in light of the horrible stories about awful people doing terrible things, Tom Dolina from Tommunisms was good enough to create a “Scumbag Buffalo” meme blank, replacing “Steve” with City Hall – the background, the hat worn at a rakish tilt are all there. Here are some examples









  • Michael Quarantello

    Tom Dolina is a no talent a$$hat.  Just sayin’.

  • There ought to be a similar disgruntled blogger meme.  It could read something like:
    Hates Buffalo
    Stays up all night making memes to prove it.

  • What happened to Art Voice ?  It used to have class.  “Scumbag Steve” and a series of sophomoric pictures ?  A 90 year old man is beaten, one child is shot, a baby is killed.  Apparently that is now Art Voice.

     There are people who can’t get enough doom and gloom. They crave the worst and the tabloids feed it to them. They read the Enquirer and other tabloids where imaginative writers scour the globe to find the sleaziest stories.

    You can have it.  It’s too bad about Art Voice. 

  • Hahaha, I find that guy’s “business” cards everywhere, (ironically, I find stacks on the metro rail all the time). I feel like this dude is putting WAY too much effort into hating on the city as well as promoting the fact that he hates the city and doing absolutely nothing to make things better around here. Anyone can complain, but seriously…either move away or do something about it. It’s just like the people that complain on the news about the deterioration of the inner-city, while being interviewed in-front of their house with the peeling paint, garbage on the porch, and an uncut lawn.

  • The beer and chain ones were SPOT ON.

  • I am so sick of the “you shouldn’t complain about Buffalo unless you are doing something about it” crowd in this city.  Complaining IS doing something about it.  These people seem to think that my right to free speech is somehow suspended until I join a preservationist group.

    Besides, the meme is nothing more than a joke in the first place.  Moronic, over-sensitive complaints only serve to verify about two or three of the “Scumbag Buffalo” meme examples.

    Hat’s off to the person who photoshopped City Hall onto the original meme. Well done!

  • Buffalo does have some severe problems, but I think people talk too much.

  • for any of the Buffalo Naysayers out there, stop your bitching there are towns out there much MUCH worse, for fucks sake I live in the most boring city in the US…….El Paso Texas

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