Illuzzi’s Former Site

After gossipy muckraking political payola specialist died a few months ago, his website URL went up for sale. was on the market for $3,000, according to the Massachusetts-based URL resale company I spoke with. Someone snapped it up, and a relaunch is apparently in the works for the very near future. 

No word yet on who bought it, but the site now features this image: 

Anyone notice what’s missing in that picture? 

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  • circa-1998, multi-color webpage graphics?

  • A single woman. 

    Here are a few other things I think may be clues. And I fully realize I’m trying to interpret the meaning behind the color of the smoke coming from a Vatican chimney. 

    1. Notice Cuomo’s size – towering over everyone else – and the way in which his arms are almost grabbing at the heads of all the other people in the collage. I think whoever started this site is from the right-wing of the NYS Republican Party, or possibly the state Conservative Party, and has a big problem with Governor Cuomo. 

    2. Besides Cuomo, the only other individual shown in the collage who has nothing to do with WNY is Shelly Silver. Notice the conspicuous absence of Senate Maj leader Dean Skelos (perhaps because control of the Senate remains in limbo, but I digress). Whoever set this up doesn’t like Silver a whole lot. 

    3. Quimby. The person has a sense of humor. 

    4. Back to the female thing – where’s Jane Corwin? She’s a WNY-based Assemblywoman.

    Anyhow, I have a few guesses as to who’s behind this, and several of them are out-of-towners. 

    •  Not terribly surprising about the lack of a woman. Now that Kathy Hochul has lost, who is the biggest woman in the political scene in WNY? Betty Jean Grant? 2 Members of Congress, 5 State Senators, 8 Members of Assembly, 5 Countywide offices, one woman. And let’s be honest, Jane Corwin is nothing more than a back bencher collecting a paycheck.

      Maybe the question is, where has the power of women in WNY gone?

    • Are we thinking our local Roy Cohn?

  • And you’re surprised about  the lack of women???  Look who’s in charge of both parties?  White men, who like to go with those they know and are friends with, other white men.  Until we get women in to leadership positions within the parties, that is not going to change.

  • And it is currently hosted at rack space out of state.  Thank you for supporting local businesses. 🙂

  • might as well be the reps, they bought it before

  • that needs to change and we are gonna work on it asap

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