Registration Fraud + Poll Tax

The Sprouls with Mr. Romney

This isn’t as big a story in the mainstream media because it hasn’t hit Drudge and Fox – most likely because it involves a pricey, private, Caucasian consultancy rather than “new Black Panthers” or ACORN or just regular folks. 

You won’t see this story on Drudge and Fox because it can’t be spun to show Black people to be lawless savages who have the nerve to participate in our electoral process. 

But while the Republicans press for a poll tax to dissuade poor folks from voting (using “voter fraud” as a pretext), and although that sort of voter identity fraud has almost never happened, ever, we now have a brewing swing-state scandal where that consultancy hired first by the RNC – then fired when fraudulent registrations popped up in Florida, Colorado, and Virginia.  The Virginia Republican Committee quickly hired the firm that had been hiring workers for the fired consultancy, and somehow, some of those registrations have been found in a Pennsylvania dumpster

Strategic Allied is owned by Nathan Sproul, an Arizona political consultant for Republicans whose companies have faced charges in past elections of submitting forged forms and of dumping Democratic registrations. None of the charges were proved, and Sproul continues to do get-out-the-vote work for conservative causes this election.

In fact, the RNC has paid Sproul’s Strategic Allied $1.3 million over the course of the 2012 election to “register” voters. The RNC fired them after a bunch of fraudulent registrations popped up in Florida. Over the last nine years, that number has been $21.2 million.  

It also appears that the arrested former Strategic Allied worker, Colin Small, was re-hired by PinPoint Staffing, which Strategic Allied had used to hire people. The Virginia GOP in spite of – or because of – the allegations against Strategic Allied, retained PinPoint to provide staffers to “register” voters. Imagine you stop at your college’s student union to re-register to vote at your current address, and when the deadline passes you check to make sure everything went through, and nothing had changed

It’s a two-front war to help disenfranchise the poor and minorities, and therefore help Republican candidates. Long gone are the days of the GOP’s big tent – now, the tent door is shut, and it has reverted to agitation for a poll tax on the one hand, and ignoring or encouraging registration fraud on the other.  The Brad Blog goes into excruciating detail


  • It is pathetic that the republicans are afraid of the will of the American voter. Why can’t they run on their record? Why do they need to suppress a portion of the electorate to be competitive?
    It is because they offer nothing new or positive, and cling to a failed ideology of greed, intolerance, and elitism. Their ‘big tent’ looks more and more like a pup tent, filled with only angry old white men.

  • Like their standard-bearer, the GOP will say and do anything to attain and retain power. They’ve enacted the voter registration measures via control of Secretary of State offices nationwide. One case I’m familiar with is Colorado’s Secretary of State Scott Gessler, who’s recently completed a self-directed purge of “unauthorized” voters on the rolls.

    Gessler had the audacity to charge taxpayers for a trip to Florida to The Republican National Lawyers Conference and defending it by saying,  “This is the only way for me to find out what the hot issues are in election law.”

    Colorado’s voters and taxpayers are both being assaulted by his arrogance.

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