Sandy Beach: Liberal

A local tea party activist is so incensed at WBEN commentator Sandy Beach, that she wrote a lengthy indictment of him here. Apparently, AM radio’s favorite septuagenarian has said occasional positive things about Democrats and occasional negative things about Republicans. This sort of talk is strongly forbidden within the tea party weltanschauung, which much prefers doctrinaire pronouncements about wild communard conspiracies, N0bamacare, and whether president Obama was born in Kenya or Indonesia. 

Liberal Talk Radio fails every time it’s tried, and no amount of double-talk, persuasion or nice-sounding, hostile government takeovers like The Fairness Doctrine will change that. Sandy should take the knee-jerk and personal out of his politics, talk about the weather, current events and recipes, or retire. I think even my sensible Libertarian mother would agree.

There you have it. To the shrinking tea party, Sandy Beach is “liberal talk radio”, like NPR. 

Incidentally, the author of that anti-Beach screed is the press contact for NY-26 Republican candidate Mike Madigan. So, serious people and serious things. 



  • Nitpick – you probably want to set the second paragraph in italics or quotes to make sure no one mistakes that lunacy as your writing.

    “hostile government takeovers like The Fairness Doctrine…”? Oh, that dastardly Fairness Doctrine, so powerful and hostile that it rose, zombie-like, from its elimination 25 years ago by the FCC to wreak liberal havoc! Booga-booga!

  • In sum, a blogger who nobody’s ever heard of posted something almost a year ago (the post you quoted from is dated Nov 15, 2011) opining that a radio host’s views are on the liberal side on issues such as SSM and the Hochul-Corwin race.  

    And you characterize that blogger as “To the shrinking tea party,”?

    So I suppose similarly, if anyone quotes anything from any Nov 2011 post by any obscure pro-Dem blogger, then it’s logical for them to characterize anything that person blogged as “To the Democratic party,”?

    Incidentally, a significant portion of tea party supporters are fine with SSM and other gay rights.  Breitbart certainly was. The Koch brothers are.  
    As the the LA Times reported:

    Myth No. 4: The “tea party” and the religious right hold the same views on gay and lesbian issues. Despite the significant overlap between these two large groups of voters on fiscal issues, a 2010 Washington Post survey of tea party members found the issue of same-sex marriage near the bottom of their long list of priorities. Only two issues ranked lower: abortion rights and gun rights. … The Public Religion Research Institute’s 2010 American Values Survey, the largest study of tea party attitudes ever done, found that 53% of tea party members support legal recognition for same-sex couples — 18% for same-sex marriage and 35% for civil unions. This is an astonishing finding in light of the widespread perception that these two movements are virtually one and the same. A 2010 CBS News/New York Times survey of tea party supporters found similar results: 16% in favor of marriage and 41% favoring civil unions.

    And before you bash civil unions, recall those were the limit of what Obama favored until a few months ago.

    • No one’s heard of Rus Thompson’s wife? She’s a rock star among those in the Palinist / Paladino wing of the tea party. But yeah, I stumbled on something from a year ago that I found hilarious.

      • I’ve heard of Rus a few times, but never of his wife.  I’ll take your word for it if you’re saying she’s a star in a wing of anything.  I still don’t see how old (or even recent) blogging from either of them are speaking for anyone except themselves.  Her post didn’t even look to be claiming she was.

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