Real Democrats

“I can always tell the real Democrat, because he’s been endorsed by the Conservative Party”.  – Nobody, ever. 


  • Here is a partial list of of the “Real Democrats” that are or have pimped a ride with Ralph Lorigo:

    Frank Sedita, Chris Scanlon, Mark Manna, Lynn Marinelli, Tom Loughran, Tom Mazur, Terrence McCracken, Mark Schroeder, Dave Franczyk, Rich Fontana, Joe Golombek, Mickey Kearns, Bonnie Russell, Geoff Szymanski, Donna Stepniak, Mark Aquino, Robert Giza, Wallace Piotrowski, Gene Hart, Tim Kennedy, Robin Schimminger, Dennis Gabryszak, Dan Kozub, Kathy Hochul, Bob Reynolds and Byron Brown.

    Many on this list are some of your good friends Alan. The Democratic Party in Erie County is a joke.
    Many on the list didn’t even need the Conservative line but they all sold their souls to Ralph Lorigo.

    To your credit, I do commend you on your stand against fusion.  It allows political bad guys like Lorigo to benefit financially.

    I find it amusing that the “Great Kathy Hochul” is a Ralph Groupie and didn’t get the Conservative line this election. Ironically, it may cost her the election.

  • Democrats can only get the Conservative nod when whatever they are running for a position that is wholly contained in Erie County.  Ralphie completely controls that and as we have seen is willing to sell the endorsement for patronage, law clients, etc. 

    When the district extends beyond Erie County, like Hochul’s Congressional seat, the decision is handled by State Conservative Party, which will go with the conservative Republican 99 percent of the time, and while the Statewide Cons aren’t saints they do intend to stick to their ideological believes more than Lorigo who again is a fucking whore.

    Erie County Democrats don’t need the Conservative line to win but they keep cutting deals with Ralphie which empowers him which makes his line more crucial.  If Zellner wants to do one thing to send a signal, tell any candidate who seeks or takes the Conservative line that they will lose the Democrat endorsement and party support.  Ralphie would be dead in two election cycles.

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