Maybe Tuesday Will Be Better, AMIRITE?

Liberty Building in Downtown Buffalo, NY

1. Jeremy Zellner vs. Frank Max. If you care about this in any way, chances are you rely on a government job, are an elected official, or you’re a candidate. The average western New Yorker is completely unaffected by it, and couldn’t care less. I happen to think that Lenihan did a great job as party chairman, and if his successor is half as successful as he, everybody should be pleased. The fact that certain people and factions held grudges over slights – real and perceived – and couldn’t suck it up and be big boys and girls and follow what the majority of the party committee wanted is par for the course. I wish Jeremy and Frank good luck and best wishes.  Everyone should just relax and concentrate on what a party committee is supposed to do – elect Democrats. 

2. “While Kathy Hochul distorts the truth, what do people who work for Chris Collins say?” That’s the actual opening line of an ad for Collins for Congress.  That bitch is such a liar, OMG. Here’s what people whose very livelihood is dependent on me have to say about me. That’s not an ad – that’s an out of control ego. Embarrassing. 

3. Coming back to the “everyone’s horrible” theme – the NFTA Surface Transportation Committee is made up of very wealthy and influential people, none of whom are likely to actually use NFTA surface transportation on any sort of regular basis. Jim Eagan – Democratic money guy who was until recently running to run ECDC, big firm lawyer Adam Perry, and restaurateur Mark Croce are all quoted in this story, all identified as committee members. Meanwhile, the people who use the LaSalle Metro station every day have dealt with a broken escalator for four months with no fix in sight. The NFTA committee members started yelling at each other like children over whether the work should be done by the regular maintenance contractor or sent out to bid. Just fix the escalator, and it’s high time the NFTA was run by people who actually use the service.  

4. The reason Mitt Romney is doing poorly? He’s exactly what the tea party, evangelicals, and very rich Republican benefactors always wanted in a candidate. 

5. Third time’s the charm. Since August, food trucks the Cheesy Chick, the Knight Slider have been chased away from the town of Amherst in the middle of service. Last year, a battle was waged to implement a law allowing and regulating food trucks to work the streets of the city of Buffalo. In reputedly business-friendly Amherst, however, no such regulation has been implemented. Yesterday, the Lloyd Taco Truck boys Tweeted this: 

That’s odd, because the truck was operating with permission on private property. The town has no food truck legislation or regulation, so no one is quite sure what Lloyd is alleged to have violated. The town’s code enforcement officers have been chasing the trucks away, and the town leadership was caught completely unaware.  

The only current regulation that could feasibly apply to food trucks is a transient vendor permit that is costly, only good for 90 days at a time, and specific to a location. If Lloyd wants to operate its north Amherst and Ridge Lea private property regular locations, it would need two licenses, each renewable every 3 months for $100

Just a few weeks ago, the Amherst town board passed a resolution to address and change the local law to specifically update the transient business permitting process to better reflect the current reality including food trucks. 

6. You aren’t a “pet parent”. Please. 


  • To give Amherst a little credit, the police chief and building commissioner both went on record in the paper that they didn’t know their people were doing this. The police chief also has directed his officers to leave the trucks alone. 

    “Both the town police chief and the building commissioner, whose employees undertook enforcement against the food trucks, said they had no knowledge of the actions being taken by their staff at the time.
    “I’ve not given any directive to my staff to enforce this,” said Building Commissioner Thomas Ketchum, who said he would look into the matter more today.

    Police Chief John Askey, meanwhile, said that after hearing what happened with the taco truck Monday, he’s instructed all his officers to leave the trucks alone. ”
    Hopefully this was just a result of overzealous officials, and the trucks can get back to work. It’s great to have them come up here for those of us who don’t work in the city. 

  • The University station escalator has been out of service for way more than four months. See this tweet about the escalator in question from February: This “authority” is utterly pathetic. I can’t think of a single thing they do well except possibly run the airport (which shouldn’t even be in their purview). The subway blows, the buses are unreliable, and they’ve farted around with the outer harbor land far too long. NFTA needs to be dissolved and reconstituted with some competent board members and administrators.

  • “Pet parents” are ridiculous. 

  • I was at the LaSalle station yesterday and both escalators were working just fine.

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