Rus Thompson is the Author of Inside WNY Politics

In this week’s printed edition of Artvoice, editor Geoff Kelly wrote

Hurrah for schoolyard politics: Paladino’s assault on Maziarz is recapitulated over at, a political gossip site that most believe to be anonymously authored by Tea Party activist Rus Thompson, who was Pladino’s driver during the developer’s gubernatorial campaign. The newest addition to the assault is a link to this site: The splash page for that site features a grinning picture of Maziarz withthe caption “Do You Know GEORGE?” with his name spelled in rainbow colors. The soundtrack is “Georgy Girl” by the Seekers; there are links to Log Capin Republican sites in the middle of the page; at the bottom of the page is a timer counting down 13 days, at press time, second by second, until “The Maziarz Closet Opens”—this time, “Maziarz” is spelled in rainbow colors. Presumably, the site intends to “out” Maziarz as gay two days before the September 13 primary.

Insidewnypolitics: it’s like Illuzzi without the right-leaning gossip. It’s like Gramigna without the left-leaning gossip. It’s “rumored” to be run by Rus Thompson, but he denies it and there’s no independent way to verify the rumor, right? 

Two reasons why it’s 100% written by Rus Thompson to promote whatever the Paladino/Palinist tea party agenda is on any given day: 

1. A few months ago, a source formerly close to the Paladino camp (and no, it wasn’t Michael Caputo) informed me that the site was written by Carl and Rus. There was a dead giveaway that came up shortly thereafter. There was Rus patting himself on the back for a post at his own blog, and then spelling the President’s name with a zero in place of the “O” in “Obama”, which is a favorite of Rus’.

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2. Just this week, compare this entry at insidewnypolitics:

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To this entry at Thompson’s Facebook page: 

If you’re going to operate an “anonymous” political hit website, you’re going to have to do a better job at being anonymous. In any event, I have all the confirmation I need to confirm that Rus Thompson operates insidewnypolitics as a mouthpiece for the Palinist wing of the tea party as spearheaded by Carl Paladino. 

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