Heckuva Job, W.

W. as in W. Mitt. He is so adept at diplomacy – he will so dramatically change Obama’s foreign policy – that he managed in just one day to epically piss off our country’s very closest ally. This guy is a trip

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  • George_Jefferson

    Loved Cameron’s “middle of nowhere” blast yesterday.

  • One could reasonably attribute the ‘Mr. Leader’ comment to the generally American practice of addressing by title. (Mr. President, Mr. Speaker, etc, etc.) But the rest, just wow.  Just one massive facepalm. 

    Even if these snubs aren’t really that bad, the Obama campaign will absolutely pull them out if Mitty Poo even hints at foreign policy stuff. 

  • As TPM points out, Romney has undercut his entire foreign relations strategy against Obama, in one fell swoop. His entire meme was going to be how Obama’s policies have diminished America’s standing in the eyes of our allies – a somewhat specious claim to begin with, but now utterly impossible to maintain. Just today, Romney surrogates are backpedaling, claiming that it doesn’t really matter what the foreigners and their press think of America. Advantage: Obama. 

  • Let’s see–what ObamaFAIL is this post designed to distract us from this morning?

    Oh yes–the weekly Friday morning economic FAIL (Quick! Blame Bush!).
    Economy growth slowed to annual rate of 1.5%. Longest recession since the Great Depression. Economy weakening more as the election approaches. Fear of double-dip recession. Heckuva job, Barry.

    But the post also reminds us of something, speaking as it does to US-UK relations.

    Anyone recall Mr Obama sending back the Churchill bust, giving the British PM a DVD collection that doesn’t play in the UK, and giving the Queen an iPod pre-loaded with a collection of his speeches?

    Or yesterday afternoon, when the WH press secretary couldn’t name the capital of Israel?

    And BTW–in case you’re interested, noted non-Tea Partier Piers Morgan says Romney speaks the truth about the Olympics.

    • I don’t think anyone can recall President Obama sending back the Churchill bust because it’s still in the White House: http://takingnote.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/07/27/churchill-or-bust/

      It’s possible you got that from the latest Siena Poll on NY-26

      It’s curious that conservatives are up in arms about an American President replacing a bust of a British Prime Minister in his office with that of….an American President. Hmmm.

      • Busted.

        The British Embassy confirms that it has the Churchill Bust. You need to take your talking points from someone besides the Gray Lady, Eric.

        And the NY Times needs to take its talking points from somebody besides WH blogger Dan Pfeiffer. Pfeiffer was unaware that the WH had TWO Churchill busts. The one in the oval office (which Mitt will retrieve on 1/21/13) was indeed returned to the Brits by Little Barry.  The one outside the Treaty Room (the one Pfeiffer mistook) remains.

        Looks like Jay Carney (what’s the Capital of Israel?) is not the only rank amateur flack on the payroll.

          •  I don’t get your point on the Churchill bust. It was on loan and scheduled to be returned. I don’t get how returning the bust on schedule  is an implied insult?

          •  Sal: Because the right wings SAYS it’s an insult and will keep saying so, regardless of what the real story is.

            That’s why.

            It’s little more than your daily fake outrage.

        • Congrats, Ward…you’ve cracked the Case of the Twin Busts. I’m sure any day now you’ll receive your notice to join Sheriff Arpaio’s Birth Certificate Posse.

          Meanwhile, the rest of us will continue to laugh at you for pretending that this didn’t happen – http://archives.wnymedia.net/davis-ny26-and-whos-the-real-tea-partier/#comment-22134

          • As opposed to your pretending that Bustgate didn’t happen, eh Eric?

            And pretending that Obammy didn’t choose the exact seventieth anniversary of the Soviet invasion of Poland to abrogate a missle defense pact with the Poles.

            And pretending that he didn’t insult the Brits by taking a neutral position on Argentina’s recent gum-flapping on the Falkland Islands (which Little Barry tried to suck up to Argentina by calling the Malvinas, but calling them the “Maldives” instead).

            Or pretending that Mideast Community Organizer Barry didn’t set the peace process back a half dozen years by insisting on concessions by Israel in favor of the friendly folks at Hamas–leading the Palestinian president to stop negotiating and wait for the U.S. to “deliver Israel”, as he described it to the WashPost.

            Have we accounted for all three stops on Mitt’s foreign trip? Little Barry having previously defecated in the diplomatic bedclothes at each of them.

          • “Bustgate” LOL

            Your thighs must be chafed from all that rubbing.

  • This sojourn aptly foretells the disastrous foreign policy that a Romney administration will embody. If this sort of treatment is what’s afforded to allies, one can only imagine what will be done to bully those nations who’re neutral or opposed to his objectives. To accomplish those objectives, he’ll likely engage the services of the gasbag-dolt, trigger happy John Bolton as Secretary of State.

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