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1. Homophobia: From the Niagara Falls Reporter, as part of a story about why fighting is good for hockey

Ha ha! Gays! The ways in which the passage above is offensive are many, but to suggest that gays are not manly, or are emasculated; and to contrast the desirability of fighting versus homosexuality are idiotic and ignorant. Chances are, there are plenty of gay guys who could beat the living crap out of the author, so I fail to see the validity of the argument. 

Since that paper got a new publisher with a regressive attitude towards women and who expounds on “manliness”, this sort of thing is to be expected. 

2. Islamophobia: Member of Congress and renowned lunatic Michele Bachmann (R-Cloudcuckooland) refuses to be out-crazied by the likes of Allen West, so she had her own Joe McCarthy Moment this past week, “revealing” that the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated the highest levels of the federal government Islamo-Kenyan-Indonesian N0bama Administration. Actually, the term she used was downright pornographic, “deep penetration in the halls of our United States government”. When asked to clarify, she singled out Huma Abedin, who is the wife of disgraced Congressman Anthony Weiner and an aide to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Abedin also happens to be Muslim (married to a Jewish man, incidentally, thus proving that co-existence is possible). 

A writer for Salon summarized the six-degrees-of-terrorism in which Bachmann engages: 

As evidence, she pointed to Abedin’s late father, Professor Syed Z. Abedin, and a 2002 Brigham Young University Law Review article about his work. Bachmann points to a passage saying Abedin founded an organization that received the “quiet but active support” of the the former director of the Muslim World League, an international NGO that was tied to the Muslim Brotherhood in Europe in the 1970s through 1990s. So, to connect Abedin to the Muslim Brotherhood, you have to go through her dead father, to the organization he founded, to a man who allegedly supported it, to the organization that man used to lead, to Europe in the 1970s and 1990s, and finally to the Brotherhood.

Ms. Abedin’s office released this statement:

They are nothing but vicious and disgusting lies that have no place in reasonable political discourse. And anyone who traffics in them should be ashamed of themselves.

Finally, a homophobic nominally Christian woman from Minnesota is willing to stand up to the Islamic faith!  To his credit, Senator John McCain took the Senate floor to blast Bachmann, as everyone with a brain should. Always. About everything. 

3. Omniphobia: “traditional marriage” enthusiast and drug addict Rush Limbaugh claims that, “Bane”, the villain in the new Batman movie, was thusly named so that the Hollywood media elite (which is code, incidentally, for a different type of hatred) can equate Mitt Romney’s “Bain Capital” with evil, or something. Bane was actually created by comic book writers in 1993. So, you’d have to believe that it was a very prescient conspiracy, indeed. 

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  • There hasn’t been any deep penetration in the halls of our government since Bill Clinton left office.

    Stop judging me, everyone was thinking it, i just said it…

  • It’s sad when the Reporter does crap like this. Their work digging into government waste and corruption is some of the best in the area. Then they blow up all their credibility by publishing this filth. 

    • I have always respected the Reporter’s willingness to expose the massive amount of corruption that goes on in my hometown.  However, the paper was much better before Hudson assumed control some years back.  It now reads like some sort of Tea Party manifesto rag.

  • I didn’t realize it’s only Thursday.

  • Responsaphobia – The fear of being responsible for your own well being. One side effect is you run to goverment for your needs 🙂

    •  Problem is….both the right and the left are guilty of it. However, ONLY the right is guilty of being hypocrites about it.

  • Alan: Re item 1: I’d like to see the writer of that piece, Lenny Palumbo, say all of that directly to Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke’s face. Then I’d like to see Lenny stumble out of the Air Canada Centre as if he needed a makeover.

    You see, Brian’s late son Brendan(who played at Miami University of Ohio)was himself gay. And ever since Brendan’s passing, Brian and the rest of his family have made it their mission to end homophobia in hockey.

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