Romney & Collins

Mitt Romney flew into Buffalo for as long as wealthy Massachusetts/Californian/Utahn multimillionaires can stand being in Buffalo – a couple of hours. 

His mission during his nose-holding tour of a flyover New York burg was to do something else he habitually does – collect a whole lot of money and pull it out of the WNY economy. Every loathsome corporate welfare recipient and electoral fusion enthusiast was in attendance, gladly plunking down thousands of dollars to ensure future favors, future corporate welfare, and to make sure the President of color is defeated. 

Among them was our own little local Napoleon, Chris I, Duke of Spaulding. Seen here eagerly double-clutching his wine goblet, with a look of absolute lurve in his eyes. What could they have been discussing? Our President’s birth certificate? The commoditization of labor? How well they have the plebes fooled? We’ll never know, but chances are, we’re going to get a lot of mileage from this simply bizarre image. 


  • And for those who wish to contribute, may I humbly suggest adding your own caption to the “Mitt N’ Chris” meme generator!

  • You totally misused this meme. Learn your memes AV. Considering how hip you claim to be, you should have known better.

  • Turds of a feather

  • Alan says “His mission during his nose-holding tour of a flyover New York burg was
    to do something else he habitually does – collect a whole lot of money
    and pull it out of the WNY economy.”

    Will you make the same comment when Obama does the same thing?

    • No, because taking a million out of the WNY economy isn’t what Obama “habitually does”, unlike Romney’s outsourcing and domestic job-killing specialists at Bain Capital.

      Also, no, because Obama’s policies help the middle class, something people like Romney and Collins
      know absolutely nothing about, except in the abstract sense; e.g., the middle class are those miserable wretches to whom our tax-cutting, war-mongering policies have done great harm.
      Also, I take my filet medium rare.

      These two embody everything that’s wrong with America.

      • Dear Alan,

        To get a sense of the millions of dollars that President Obama has taken out of the WNY economy since he assumed office in 2009, have a look at

        True, most of that was under Bush. But our current president must be responsible for $200 million plus, I figure.

      • What ever Alan.

        War mongering? Go look back at President Obama original campaign slogans…  To me it still looks like President Obama is pissing away billions of dollars on war…

        •  Who, prithee tell, started these wars, by the way? I feel as though it may have been another Republican “businessman” who comes from Old Money, but my memory must be hazy. I have this rare condition that causes me to lose all recollection of past events every four years or so …

  • Romney is so far removed from the reality of the vast majority of WNY residents.  I think his arrogance, ignorance, and lack of real conviction will prevent even many Republicans from coming out, especially in rural areas.  George W could fake an appeal to these voters, Romney hasn’t got a chance with them IMO. Not that they will vote for Obama, they just might sit this one out and certainly won’t devote much energy to this fraud.

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