Chris Collins’ Internet Inefficiencies

ICYMI on Saturday, the Buffalo News’ Jerry Zremski wrote a piece about NY-27 detailing some of Chris Collins’ online travails, including the fact that his campaign website appeared absolutely nowhere on Google – something that’s been known for weeks, but not repaired.  

Perhaps he should have set up a Six Sigma inquisition into a more efficient way to set up and promote his web presence. 

What does show up when you Google “Collins for Congress”?  This website, prepared by a Florida Tea Party website, which details a variety of reasons why Collins is horrible. 

The Republican primary to select the candidate who will take on Kathy Hochul in November takes place this Tuesday. There seems to be a wide enthusiasm gap between Bellavia’s and Collins’ supporters, but Collins is out-spending Bellavia, at least as far as mailers are concerned – one political activist in the GLOW counties says it’s a 4:0 split. Collins is relying on money and mailers to get his message out, while Bellavia has been out pounding the pavement and shaking hands. Tuesday, we’ll see which one prevails. 


  • Maybe its time to support a candidate only being propped up by big money. Collins hasn’t even agreed to Bellavia’s challenge for a fair debate. Who do we want to be the future of the Republican party: an elitist political machine backed millionaire or a hardworking, Conservative, grassroots supported veteran?

    • The Republican party IS “an elitist political machine” backed by millionaires. See their nominee Mitt Romney as an example. The party has lost all credibility and is seen by most as nothing more than a lobby for the very wealthy. You guys need to take your party back from the far right fringe or there will be no “future” for the Republican party.

      •  Haven’t you noticed the millionaires behind Obama? Or is there a difference?

        • Of course there is a difference, Obama is using his donors money to fight for the concerns of the average American, Republicans use their donors money to protect the powerful and enable the wealthy.  I wish it were more complex than that but it isn’t, at least not any more.

          •  I believe both sides are cut from the same cloth. Both are controlled by special interest “millionaires”.

          • The special interests on the right seek to protect and increase the power and wealth of the already fortunate. They are driven more by greed and outspend those on the left by huge margins.
            Those so called special interests on the left seek basic fairness, environmental protection, and tolerance. Which side represents the true interests of the majority of Americans? 

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