Unraveling the Phony "Fast & Furious" Fury

Short version: It’s all a big conspiracy to scare people into supporting some hypothetical, non-existent gun control effort Obama is planning. 

Alternate short version: Because the Republican Party is no longer about government, policy, or governing, it must gin up scandals like Whitewater, Paula Jones, Gennifer Flowers, and Fast & Furious for electoral gain. 


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  • The unfortunate thing about Rush (and one or two clueless Congressmen) screaming about gun control conspiracies is that there is a very real issue here that mainstream legit leaders raised over a year ago. It has only leaked into the election year because the justice dept hasn’t been forthcoming. I am bored bored bored about fake scandals, but this one is fascinating, because 1) the Obama admin resurrected a program that even Bush folks realized failed, and 2) we really did supply fully automatic weapons to the Mexican drug war, without tracking devices, thinking we’d magically get them back. Rush does *your* (read: Democrats, Obama supporters) work for you, going to an unneeded extreme that distracts better than any Obama smokescreen could.

    • Yeah, I’m confused how anyone could defend giving guns to the Mexican cartels. Brian’s comment here is 100% correct.

    • George_Jefferson

      “Rush does *your* (read: Democrats, Obama supporters) work for you, going to an unneeded extreme that distracts better than any Obama smokescreen could.”

      Agree 100%. And if that doesn’t work, just blame Bush.

  • Whitewater, Monicagate, F & F are circuses the GOP uses to distract its rank and file away from the fact that the GOP has failed to shrink government each and every time it had the power to do so and in contradiction to all its rhetoric for the last 50 years. 

  • Of course, the rank and file are themsleves to blame.  Fool me a thousand times–shame on me.

  • tonyintonawanda

    Fast & Furious ain’t too phony for the family of the dead border agent.

  • “Gin up”? Just because Republican creeps are attacking it doesn’t mean that Democratic creeps have screwed up, big time. And shouldn’t anyone who remembers Watergate be able to vomit, just a little, when some White House suit invokes “executive privilege”?

    •  Funny…way back in the day, I think that was how you and the rest of the righties defended Bush.

      And, BTW, Obama’s only invoked executive privledge once. Reagan did it at LEAST 20 times. And presidents have done this for MANY years.

      • Well, if President Babykiller (i.e., Dick and Jerry and Jimmy and Ron and George and Bill and George) did it, then it’s Jake by me. I don’t remember defending Bush way back in the day–I thought I wanted him tried and convicted at the Hague, and then sharing a cell for the rest of his life with Bill Clinton–but if that’s what you remember, you must be right.

  • You lefties are obviously afraid of this inquiry, and have trotted out the intellectual heavyweight Colbert to make it go away.

  • Hmmm…then why did Rep. Issa admit on Fox News Sunday yesterday that there was no evidence that the White House had any involvement in Fast and Furious, contrary to Speaker Boehner’s statement a few days ago?

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