Rear Fog Laser

In the EU, it’s standard for all cars to equip what’s called a “rear fog light“. They’re available on a small number of cars in the US, and what it is is a single rear light, brighter than a brake light – on the left on the Continent, and on the right in the UK – which alerts cars driving behind you that you’re there when visibility is poor. 

Audi has taken the idea one step further, designing a laser rear fog light that illuminates an area on the ground behind the vehicle, indicating for motorists behind it a safe following distance. With the slow introduction of LED headlights and DRL, this is a pretty neat innovation. 


  • This is pretty cool, but I’m sure the NHSTA will kill it and say that it’s too distracting or something.  And if they don’t, surely half the governmental entities will since they enjoy implementing completely arbitrary vehicle “safety” laws e.g. window tinting, neon lights, etc.

  • Had an 86 Volvo 240 DL with rear fog lights.  While driving from Bakersfield CA, to Flagstaff, AZ, I had them on as it was very hazy.  Listening to the CB radio, I heard some truckers talking about “that four-wheeler riding his brake lights up the hill”  When I told them what they were they thought it was a great idea, that everyone should have them.

  • That’s pretty cool. Hope they bring it here someday.

  • When running in fog just pull out the headlight switch and it turns on the additional lamps.  It has been a feature of every European car I have ever owned.  (Since 1956).   You can also put the parking lights on and pull down the turn signal on the street side and it will set up the parking lights and tail lights on the edge toward the right of way.   Guess you guys don’t bother to read the manuals.  As we say in computers RTFM…

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