Lake Effect Ice Cream’s Punditella

On Tuesday, I got an ice cream named after me. 

I’m a huge fan of Lake Effect Ice Cream, the plucky little Lockport factory of deliciousness behind awesome flavors like Salty Caramel, a Date at the Zoo, and Peanut Butter Epiphany. Jason Wulf and Erik Bernardi are doing great things, but most importantly they love their fans and are responsive to new flavor ideas. 

So, all last summer, I harassed them to do a Nutella ice cream. The Italian chocolate-hazelnut treat is my favorite – especially schmeared on a fresh slice of scala bread. I’ve tried to make it at home, but I don’t have the patience to do it right. Fortunately, Jason and Erik have that patience, and they’ve already got several years’ worth of experience making truly excellent ice cream flavors. 

A few weeks ago, Lake Effect tweeted that they had been perfecting their Nutella ice cream, and asked me to name it, suggesting “Punditella”, as an amalgam of “Pundit” and “Nutella”. I laughed and thought it sounded like a horribly evil Disney Princess. So, naturally, they Photoshopped my face onto Maleficent from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty

Here’s how Lake Effect describes the resulting ice cream: 

What a great way to come off the Memorial Day weekend! Today at the shop we will be adding, for a limited time our brand new Punditella flavor. Inspired by local Artvoice writer Alan Bedenko’s constant urging for a Nutella ice cream we have created this new flavor for everyone!

It is an ultra rich chocolate hazelnut ice cream with pieces of hazelnuts swirled throughout. We have only made a few batches and it is only available at our scoop shop. So stop in and grab some before it’s gone!

Nutella and hazelnut bits? It’s the answer to the question, “invent the best possible ice cream you could possibly invent”. Available at Lake Effect’s scoop shop in Lockport, Punditella is available for only a short time. To say I’m honored is a vast understatement.  I bow to these guys. 


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