Nothing Comes Between Chris and his Calvins

On Saturday, the Buffalo News’ lighthearted “Off Main Street” column included an effort by multi-millionaire crony capitalist Congressional candidate Chris Collins to re-brand himself as “everyman”. 

Chris Collins, the former Erie County executive now running for Congress, decided he needed a couple of pairs of jeans to wear on the campaign trail in the district’s rural parts.

The wealthy businessman can afford to buy designer jeans at any high-end clothing store.

So where did he get them? BJ’s Wholesale Club.

“For me, BJ’s is the place to go,” Collins told us. He said he’s been buying his casual clothes there for years.

Collins owned only one pair of jeans, so he picked up two pairs of Calvin Klein jeans for $24.99 each.

We heard about this from Linda Soltis, who knows Collins and his wife, Mary, and thought the world should know about Collins’ frugal habits.

What this reveals is actually quite amusing. 

Firstly, it reveals that Chris Collins didn’t own a pair of jeans. He “decided he needed a couple of pairs” to wear while campaigning in the rural counties of NY-27. 

So, secondly, it reveals that Chris Collins thinks he needs to wear a costume in order to better mix and mingle with rural voters. 

Thirdly, even when buying his costume jeans to ingratiate himself with farmers, Collins doesn’t buy Lees or Wranglers or Levis. He buys Calvin Kleins

This man is the very embodiment of self-parody. 


  • Not to mention the cluelessness of the line,  “For me, BJ’s is the place to go.” As I posted in my own reaction to this story,

    Considering what happened to the last Republican to hold that seat, I think His Majesty would be better off slumming at Sam’s Club.

  • If he really wanted to legitimately cavort among and bond with  the “everymen,”  the sartorial choice should have been Dickies or Carhart. But Collins would be puzzled on what to put in all of those pockets, as he’s not really your “hands-on,  git-r-done” type of guy.

  • What brand do you think Byron Brown wears?

  • Too bad he’s not buying local.  If anyone could afford a little extra to buy a pair of jeans in a mom and pop store on Main Street in some community he’s trying to represent it’s him.  Heck, maybe even a pair of jeans made in America.   Cheap jerk.

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