Announcement: Archived Posts UPDATED

Chris and I wrote for between about 2005 and November 2011, when we moved here to Artvoice. After we left, WNYMedia have gone through some changes, one of which rendered our archives unsearchable, difficult to find and access, and, unfortunately, useless. That’s six years’ worth of work that we couldn’t access. 

I occasionally like to write about issues that are chronic problems, or revisit ideas or decisions or plans that have come up in the past. That’s been impossible since late November.  But on top of that, it sucks to be unable to access six years’ worth of my own work – my own belongings – in any meaningful or logical way. 

That changes today. Chris, Brian Castner (whose Doubleday book “The Long Walk” will be published July 10th) , and I retained the services of Chris Van Patten to take a database backup of our entire WNYMedia archive (including images, but not including embedded video) into a chronological and searchable blog. So, if you’re looking for any old articles, head over to, the repository of my blog posts from 2005 – 2011. 

(I’m told the redirect via might not be fully operational for everyone yet. In the meantime, follow this link.)


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