Allen West Attends the WHCD

Republican Florida Congressman and likely war criminal Allen West made headlines a few weeks ago for evoking Joe McCarthy, claiming that he had a list of about 80 Democrats who were members of the communist party or some such nonsense. West may be well-regarded in conservative circles as a rising star of some sort, but he’s also got quite a ripe history of saying just crazy and horrible things.  

Let’s examine that. He was “honored to be invited”, and obviously had a swell old time at the nerd prom. It wasn’t until he left the ballroom and was walking to the Metro – which, incidentally, is little more than a Marxist-Leninist socialized transportation conveyance – that he reflected on people who don’t attend humor balls. He omits the fact that he, too, was laughing and dining with the President. Then he ends with the “manipulation” crack, presumably referring to the Washington commentariat attending the ball. 

Well, he might be right about the Beltway press corps, which is all-too ready to be an uncritical transcription service for anyone and everyone, perpetuating “deception” by reflexively presenting “two sides” of a story without telling us who’s right and who’s wrong, and by overwhelmingly favoring conservative commentary over liberal

So, shorter: Allen West attends the WHCD, has a great time, feels important, heads to Facebook to criticize everyone there including, inadvertently, himself. 


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