When Abuse Becomes Murder

I can’t wrap my head around a parent doing this to a child: 

The boy was tied to a chair with duct tape, a sock stuffed in his mouth, and he was beaten with a stick or blunt object in the basement of their Guilford Street home, near the Broadway Market, authorities said.

The stepfather was angry because the boy, a fifth-grader at the International Preparatory School on Clinton Street, had fallen behind in his homework, law enforcement officials said.

The Buffalo News’ report reveals that a neighbor encountered the boy literally running for his life, on the street, from his father. The neighbor is wracked with guilt because she intervened and the father caught up with the boy, who was brutally murdered just a few hours later. 

I look forward to Buffalo’s right-wing commentariat blaming the perpetrator’s heritage or religion; he has an Islamic name, so they’ll suggest that it’s Jihadism to blame, and snidely refer to the “religion of peace”.  (Of course, the man’s religion didn’t swing the blunt object that killed Abdifatah Mohamud, and not every Muslim father beats his kids to death or beheads his wife).  Sometimes, people like Ali Mohamed Mohamud are simply monsters, without regard to their faith.



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  • 104josephcoppola

    Maybe somebody needs to meet Ali Mohamed  Mohamud in a dark parking lot on a moonless night, for a little “anger management” class.  This man is a monster. He threw away that boy’s life, & now has ruined the lives of that family & the neighbor. I hope there is a special place in the double hulled bottom of hell for him.

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