Oh, My God

Buffalo City Hall

Photo by Flickr user W Alex Fisher

Consider this scenario: 

Antoine Thompson returns to Albany, replacing Tim Kennedy. 

Byron Brown goes to Washington, replacing Brian Higgins. 

Tim Kennedy moves into the 2nd floor of City Hall, replacing Byron Brown. 

All of these rumors are floating around town, gaining steam. So my question is, are we living a Stephen King novel? 


  • If those are the rumors, then it’s a very bad M. Night Shyamalan movie.  

  • Kennedy as mayor would make sense according to the wheel of mayoral ethnicity, so long as you call Byron Brown Polish.

  • OMG! Where’s Rod Serling? I expect him to step out in the shadow of the Liberty Building!

  • Musical chairs .  I think in recent years the working guy has not only  turned down the volume but turned off the sound all together for much of these cartoon characters.  

    Good luck—  Chris Collins , Antoine Thompson and Bill Stachowski.

    You have fallen and will be forgotten

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