Trayvon Martin: Reality Check

That’s police surveillance video taken about 4 hours after Trayvon Martin was shot & killed. It shows George Zimmerman at the Sanford Police Station, in handcuffs, before his release. He doesn’t look too hurt here. At all. So, let’s examine the right-wing and racist freakout over Trayvon Martin and the outrageous attacks on him and his character. 

So far, nothing has been revealed to rebut the fact that the police expressly instructed George Zimmerman to not chase down Trayvon Martin.

So far, nothing has been revealed to rebut the fact that Trayvon Martin was completely unarmed at the time of his killing.

So far, nothing has been revealed to rebut the fact that George Zimmerman used deadly force to “defend” himself against a young kid armed only with snacks, who was trying to defend himself against a predator who had hunted him down. It’s quite likely that in Trayvon’s mind, this crazy man who chased after him could have been trying to rob him. Or kidnap him. Or worse. If anyone had a right to self-defense, it was the teen who was being attacked by the so-called, self-proclaimed “neighborhood watch” captain. 

By the way, when you’re part of a “neighborhood watch”, you’re supposed to watch. If you see something, you call the cops. You don’t play Batman. 

When this thing goes to court, all that crap about Trayvon’s school conduct, Zimmerman’s past arrests, and other extraneous nonsense is not going to be in front of a jury. What happened that day in that gated community, will. Based on that, I hope Mr. Zimmerman has a fantastic lawyer. 

Not to be outdone, Buffalo’s most reactionary and unentertaining Brian-the-dog-from-Family-Guy impressionist has this to say on his Facebook page: 

Funny. I own three or four hooded sweatshirts. None of them look like this. I guess wearing a hooded sweatshirt is exactly the same as being in the Klan, and clearly people who wear hooded sweatshirts deserve to be shot and killed when armed with Skittles. 


  • It is disgusting how hard the right (and in particular, Fox News) is working to “take the other side” in what doesn’t even look like a debate. Again and again, if liberals get out in front of an issue, the right feels compelled to take the opposing viewpoint, no matter how ridiculous or illogical.

    Even if your conservative beliefs require you to ignore race in any issue, doesn’t an unarmed kid getting shot by an overzealous wannabe cop make you mad?

  • tonyintonawanda

    I don’t know what happened.  I don’t like the way the media is exploiting this, doing there best to make this a black/white issue.  And finally, people are realizing this really doesn’t have anything to do with Stand Your Ground laws which were really meant to allow people to protect themselves in their homes.

    This is about a bunch of yahoos down South who run around with sidearms pretending to be police officers.  In their minds, they play out the scenario of catching the criminal and being a hero.  Instead, they shit their pants in a situation they cause and a young kid gets killed  for grabbing some candy and iced tea.

    And BTW, if I’m walking down the street and someone comes up to me and demands to know what I’m doing there, you know what I say to him, “Go fuck yourself,  it’s none of your business.”

  • You know the real tragedy here?  I read in the news at least once a week maybe more about some kid getting gunned down in Buffalo and no one seems ti give a shit about that violence.

  • Pundit, would you clear something up for me: in a previous post, you pointed out that Zimmerman was a HIRED security guard for the housing complex, part of whose job was to coordinate neighborhood watch (presumably volunteers) there.  Yet most of the media continues to describe him as a “neighborhood watch volunteer.”  While I’m not sure what difference if any it would make to the case, every time I hear or read about this I wonder which is the case.

  • Who gives a SHIT what Mr. Bauerle thinks?

    End. Of. Discussion.

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