The Senecas' Buffalo Creek Casino Re-Design

Have you seen it?

Aim Low.



I hope to move my way up from “surface parking” to “valet parking”, and someday aim to join the “chairman parking” elite.

It’s good to aspire to excellence. The whole plan – is it serious? Is it a massive “f you” to the earnest people with dubious means of support who fought to halt it and its predecessor plan a few years ago?

It’s magnificent, if you agree with Xzibit

Let me know what Harrah’s is trading at today, as that may have some bearing on how aggressively this plan will be fought. 


  • Casino Parking Island

    Exactly what downtown Buffalo needs: 1088 new parking spaces
    It provides excellent insulation against any neighboring development. Where is the NY State Casino going to be?

  • Give it a rest and stop thinking you need to save everyone from themselves. Gambling is a reality not soon to go away. I don’t do it, but I could care less if my neighbors do.

    As for who runs it, Iowa is a good example, they only had tribal gaming and then the state got smart and said we should be getting the revenue off this, it is there, people are doing it, so what the hell is the difference?

    Now you can gamble away, off reservation.

  • Also, is there some lack of open space in and around Buffalo we need to preserve before it is all built up with big time manufacturing or business offices?

  • I can’t wait for the fight against this one and the next proposal that is just a parking lot with slot machines instead of payment booths.

  • If it was PizzaWorld, you’d love it!

  • Money Down on Red

    Too bad it is in such a shitty neighborhood, move it out to the burbs!

  • Genuine lol @ terry 🙂

  • I don’t think that this is “a massive “f you” to the earnest people with dubious means of support who fought to halt it and its predecessor plan a few years ago?”

    It has nothing to do that. That project was halted because of Market Conditions, as cited by SNI – just like they halted their expansions in both Niagara Falls and Salamanca, that weren’t facing opposition at the time.

    This revised casino is a reaction to the fact that the Buffalo-Niagara gaming market has now become over-saturated. So they are spending as little money as possible to extract as many local dollars as possible from the Buffalo and nearby populations. Essentially – they’re expanding the shitty blue shack that’s already there.

    This is an insulting slap in the face – created by a dysfunctional partnership of the SNI, NYS and, to a lesser extent, CoB.

  • Good for the Senecas. I like it. We don’t seem to give a shit about them, so why should they give a shit about us. They want parking all around their vastly smaller-scale development, good on ’em. At least they put up a parking garage. It’s 1 city block. Why do we give such a huge crap, again?

  • That is hilarious. Thank you.

  • Wow — a design like this invites speculation that their real goal is to get the Buffalo people to give up and beg them to just put the damn thing in Cheektowaga, after all.

    It looks like it was designed with the Thruway Mall parking lot in mind.


  • “the earnest people with dubious means of support”

    not this shit again . . . it’s been a while, so I may have this wrong, but the dubious means of support was a grant from the Wendt Foundation passed through the Network for Religious Communities, right?  There’s nothing dubious about that — foundations support work they think is important, and 501c3 orgs sometimes serve as fiscal sponsors for groups that haven’t yet incorporated.  It’s not like the Rand Corporation, in conjunction with the saucer people… under the
    supervision of the reverse vampires… are forcing our parents to go to
    bed early in a fiendish plot to eliminate the meal of dinner.

    • I think it’s telling that the Senecas have, for a variety of reasons, been forced to take an imperfect plan for a hotel & casino – which would have fit well as part of a general waterfront-area entertainment zone – and surrounded a re-worked casino bunker with a moat of parking. It’s guaranteed to piss off everybody, and the Senecas can flip everyone the bird, since their sovereign status all but guarantees that there’s nothing anyone can do about the aesthetics of it all. 

  • Just finished a movement in a art voice box tipped over on its back. Thank you again art voice for providing a useful public use.

  • They could draw it up with docking for space ships. It won’t matter. This is Buffalo – the place that talks all projects literally to death. I don’t particularly feel that we need a casino in Buffalo but I would be happy to see just one project of any type actually get completed. Built any bridges lately?

  • The only concern I have with this design, is that it may detract from  the classic architecture of the Malamute Grill .

  • You guys have to admit…the little indian motif sidewalks are sweet. Bet they don’t have those in Iowa.

  • What baffled me at the time of all this brew ha ha (and still does) is why more jobs in Buffalo was a bad thing???

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