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I suspect that a lot of the animosity towards Sheldon Silver has little to do with his policies and a lot to do with who he is

The vitriol directed towards Silver is odd, because Dean Skelos has similar influence yet WNY politicos don’t habitually run against the Senate majority leader. To his credit, Carl Paladino is one of the few who is consistent on his hatred of Silver and Skelos. 

I’m no fan of Silver’s because of the disproportionate amount of power he wields, and the way in which he wields it; the way in which he controls the statewide agenda and is naturally unsupportive of local initiatives because his constituency is on the lower east side of New York.

I’m not saying, I’m just saying. 

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  • “Who he is” as in “downstate, New York City-type”? Nudge nudge, wink wink. You know, as Chris Collins said, “the Antichrist.”

    Heavens to Betsy! Mercy, me oh my! Would local capitalist magnates fall so low as to build some not-so-subtle Jew-hating into their efforts to heap up more state funds and pay out less state tax?

    Does the Pope wear pretty, pointed red shoes?

    [P.S.: that’s not an anti-pope remark: he really does wear pretty pointed red shoes.]

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